Step-By-Step Zen Doodle Origami

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Step-By-Step Zen Doodle Origami

“Step-by-Step Zen Doodle Origami” by Carolyn Scrace is a book filled with activities that one can get lost in for hours at a time…if one doesn’t get frustrated! I think that it was probably not the best week for me to try this, although I daresay I needed the zen effects of doodling more than usual, lol.

I appreciate that paper was included with the book and may have self-sabotaged as I used a smaller version that I already had, so that I didn’t ruin the larger sheets during the learning curve.

I have dabbled on and off with origami throughout the years, but haven’t done any in a very long time and I was quickly reminded that it is very important to get things lined up nicely before making the folds. It’s amazing how one can use two different folds (toward the surface of the paper and away) and an occasional cut to make a 3-D figure, and once I was able to interpret the instructions, I actually was very proud to create the figure being described.

I do admit that I was tempted to give up a couple of times because I couldn’t figure out what I was being instructed to do, but patience definitely won the day.

Decorating it was another story. There were illustrations that attempted to show how one could start with a simple set of curves or lines and through repetition and embellishment, form an exquisite decoration. I think that I need to be a little more confident in my drawing skills to attempt to decorate the origami figures with my doodles, despite the suggestions. I think part of it was my tentative approach and with practice, things will feel a little more natural, but I certainly didn’t want to mess up my hard-won origami figures with the less-than-beautiful drawings I ended up with. I felt in need of a little more guidance to produce the exquisite examples featured, but I think it will be possible to achieve eventually, with time.

All in all, this is an inspirational craft book that will keep one entertained for long periods of time and allow one to step back from the stresses of the day and create something simple yet beautiful.

Book Blurb for Step-By-Step Zen Doodle Origami

Take the many benefits of Zen doodling--including stress relief and creativity boosting--and combine them with the artistic challenge of origami, and what do you get? Step-By-Step Zen Doodle Origami, a fun, intriguing new way to create something beautiful and unique. Inside the pages of this hands-on guide, you'll find:Step-by-step guides to drawing and paper foldingBeautiful, vibrant illustrations20 sheets of origami paper in pale shades of pink, gray, yellow, and blueTools and techniques for different materials and processesTips for applying simple and effective color, pattern building, and more

Packed with inspirational instructions and bold, exciting designs, this inspiring guide will encourage creativity and turn ordinary doodles into origami works of art.

Includes 20 Sheets of Origami Paper

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 4.50