Spirit Song

The Guardians, #3

“Spirit Song” by Tessa McFionn follows nightclub singer Miranda Devalande who is trapped in her current situation with a slimy boss due to her feckless brother, Kyle. Guardian Sebastiani (Bastian) Cristofano Lamberhetti/Sebastian Lambert is struck by the talent and beauty of the woman who threatens to distract him from his eternal struggle against the Rogue Warriors. Discovering whether she is the one female in the world for him may make the difference between him finding happiness or being condemned to become the one thing he most detests and it will take his special powers and her strength to sway the verdict.

This adult paranormal romance is the third book in the ‘Guardians’ series and combines fantasy and a contemporary setting in a delicious combination. I love the heat that blossoms between the main characters and I think the author did a great job of introducing this particular Guardian. The nightclub setting was deftly described (I was almost tempted to wave the smoky atmosphere away from my face) and the heroine’s changing emotions were vivid and compelling. I think the secondary characters were a bit two-dimensional except for Viktor and I wasn’t quite convinced of the arc of Kyle’s character development but the overall story captured me in its spell and I consider it the best of the series because this is my favorite couple. I think it would be best to read all of the stories in sequence but this tale could possibly be read as a stand-alone since it has clues about the overall conflict. This series features unique heroines and I look forward to meeting the next one from this imaginative author.

Book Blurb for Spirit Song

The assassin and the angel. Can her song redeem his soul?

Miranda Devalande had long since given up on her dreams of a happy life. Forced to sing at mob boss Slick Sal's seedy nightclub to cover her brother's rising gambling debts, she survives from day to day as a caged bird. With each new bad bet by her wayward brother, her hope of finding a way free of her "contract" fades. Until a mysterious stranger arrives at the club and turns her whole life upside down...

Danger has always swirled around reluctant Guardian Warrior Sebastian Lambert. Trained as an assassin and recruited out of desperation, he now battles the evils of power-hungry Rogues in Chicago. When his friend and fellow Guardian Viktor Arnhart drags him into a nightclub, he would have never imagined to find an angel at the mic.

Caught between his desire to keep Miranda safe and his drive to hold her close, Bastian must walk the line between the light of a beautiful songstress and the dark of his perilous past even as dangerous forces threaten to destroy them both. Will he open his heart to her in time, or will she fall prey to her soulless fate?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 4.25