Spirit Bound

The Guardians, #2

“Spirit Bound” by Tessa McFionn was a bit uncomfortable for me to read, given the horrific events that happen during the story, even though the memory of the victim is wiped. I like that the main characters have flaws that have to be worked around, even though I ached at the issues that Calliope is dealing with. Galen is a fascinating character, given his experience over the centuries, and his urgency to seal the connection he feels for Calliope that leads him to act unwisely. Those who have triggers should definitely read the story with caution as there are multiple serious traumas covered. It was great to get a progress report on the couple who stars in the first story in the series and it was heartwarming to see the second male in the group find a mate. I admit that I had trouble with some of the events and that colored my perception of some of the story but it is still a good addition to the series and introduces new characters who hopefully will get their own time in the spotlight.

Calliope Vandeen hasn’t slept properly for months, and knows that time is running out for her, but doesn’t understand why she is being tormented and asked about something she has no knowledge about. Galen Theodoris Alexiou is a Guardian Warrior and he has finally found the woman who will complete him, but their Claiming Ritual may never happen if their enemies have their way, and their lives may end before they can explore what they can have together.

Book Blurb for Spirit Bound

Ancient danger. Deadly rivals. A love that spans the Void of time…

Kidnapped and tortured for days, grad student Calliope Vandeen is sure her pleas for mercy have fallen on deaf ears. But when she hears a seductive voice in her head, followed by a towering warrior straight out of her ancient history textbooks, she begins to believe in fairy tale endings. Swept into a world of living heroes with magical powers, Cal must call upon her deepest wells of strength…if her captors have left anything alive within her.

Galen Alexiou is one of the oldest Guardian Warriors, serving the cause for almost 2,500 years. Never once did he think he would find his spiritmate, much less that she would call to him across the Void. But when he hears the voice calling for help, he realizes that not only is she real, but she's in deadly danger at the hands of Rogue Stefan de Coldreto, an ancient enemy with a ruthless gift. With this mysterious young beauty in his hands, he must learn how his enemies found the female who holds the key to his salvation, and destroy this evil before it claims both Calliope's life, and his very soul…

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2016 4.25