Spellbound Falls

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Spellbound Falls

Spellbound Falls Series, #1

“Spellbound Falls” by Janet Chapman is the delightful tale of Olivia Baldwin, single mother and administrator of Inglenook, a camp for families in Maine. Olivia has struggled to juggle all of her duties and she dreams of finally being able to provide her daughter with the permanent home that she never had. She is rescued from a harrowing situation by Maximilian (Mac) Oceanus who has wielded considerable influence to wring a special session from Olivia and has made arrangements to arrive several weeks in advance of the rest of the ‘campers’. Mac has suddenly been saddled with his six year old son, Henry, and has little idea how to handle the precocious and precious burden who has entered his life. Olivia does not have the formal training that her mother-in-law has but has honed her parenting skills on her own eight-year-old daughter, Sophie. Olivia has never recovered from the loneliness of being shifted among various foster homes nor from the betrayal of her husband who was killed in Iraq before their divorce could be instituted. Little does she know that Mac has as much to teach her as she does him, although her assistance with the pitfalls of parenthood pales in comparison with his remarkable powers that his son is also going to have to learn to wield as well as handle the accompanying responsibility. Mac has many secrets hidden but is inexplicably drawn to the feisty but insecure woman who sees one’s inner fears and desires with remarkable clarity yet cannot seem to realize her own power. The two must learn to trust each other to see the being within as they deal with the complications of their respective lives.

A beautiful and romantic tale that melds elements of druidhs, powerful beings whose mission requires that they interact with the positives and negatives of the human race whom they are tasked with protecting, mythological beings that may not be made-up stories after all, parental trials and tribulations as well as ecological concerns. The author does a masterful job of distilling the major concerns of caring parents who must learn to juggle protectiveness with the need to nurture a self-reliant child--even when the parent is virtually an all-powerful being. The various children that form the unifying elements of the tale are entertaining to observe as they provide both the bridge between and the inciting catalyst among the various adults. One can’t beat a love story that combines magic and a man willing to move mountains for the woman he loves! Great elements of humor, magic and romance.

Book Blurb for Spellbound Falls

A newcomer to Spellbound Falls, Maine, Maximilian Oceanus is trying to get a handle on fatherhood. But his newly discovered six-year-old son wants to find his father a wife. Too bad Olivia Baldwin wants nothing to do with the dangerously seductive mac--especially with all the weird stuff happening all around him...

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.75