Soldier Mine

The Thresl Chronicles, #1

I was really captured by the way this story started, and prepared to enjoy an imaginative, sexy tale that introduced me to a new breed of shapeshifters. I thought the basic idea was a great combination of space opera and paranormal romance and I was looking forward to seeing how these two main characters found a way to bond and complement each other. Unfortunately, things progressed until it seemed that each subsequent event got even more fantastical than the last and I felt like I was reading a soap opera on fast forward. I liked individual aspects and I think there is fantastic potential in this story, but I feel that far too much is crammed into too few pages. The heat between the main characters is nicely portrayed and the initial setting is a great start, but for me, there is enough material in this novella for a nice long book if more filling-in of the background for both the struggles and the characters takes place and I certainly hope the author revisits these ideas and expounds upon them.

“Soldier Mine” by Amber Kell is an erotic m/m paranormal/science-fiction novella featuring a soldier, Kreslan Piers, who runs afoul of a vindictive jerk in his unit and ends up in a remarkable situation with a rare Thresis, a cat hybrid shape-shifter. Kreslan gets more and more entangled with the being and ends up caught in a power struggle on the planet of Nillre, discovering that his history…and his future…are tied to a male he is destined to be with.

Book Blurb for Soldier Mine

If you enjoyed All In by Alexa Land and Safety Net by Keiko Kirin then this is absolutely perfect for you!

When Kreslan is attacked, little does he know the shapeshifting beast who saves him will completely change his life.

When Kreslan Piers is attacked in the cargo hold, he is rescued by a rare shape-shifting beast who transforms into the reincarnated leader of an entire planet. Will Kreslan be willing to give up his dream of being an ordinary soldier to partner with an extraordinary creature?

Vohne has been named by his human half, and the longer they’re together the more he’s remembering the details of their previous lives—lives he shared with Kreslan before watching him die. When they reach the Thresl home planet, Vohne has to break the news to his skittish mate that they not only does he belong to Vohne, but he is fated to be his other half for the rest of eternity.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 3.75