Simply Voracious

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Simply Voracious

House of Pleasure, #8

This is a very spicy regency romance that is a bit of a dichotomy for me. I have enjoyed other titles in this series and I like the overall story but there are quite a few jarring notes for me. Lucinda’s erratic recovery from her attack is a bit unbelievable to me as she quickly morphs from someone who jumps whenever touched to a person who is willing to explore her sexuality in a brothel and then proposes entering into an intimate relationship with a virtual stranger. Paul’s conflicting desires and shifting love interests seem a little disingenuous as he is willing to sacrifice himself to the altar of propriety and nurse yet another broken heart then suddenly seems to be devoted solely to becoming a conventional lord. It is difficult to conceive how Lucinda’s best friend is ignorant of what truly happened to her and Lucinda’s refusal to acknowledge the possible repercussions of her attack is contrary to her steadfast honesty about other aspects of her life and her knowledge of Paul who also seems to be deliberately blind to possible repercussions. There are quite a few very sensual scenes and nice cameos by other members of the ‘House of Pleasure’ but this is not my favorite of the series.

“Simply Voracious” by Kate Pearce is an erotic historical romance that is part of her ‘House of Pleasure’ series that is tied to a certain elite brothel known as Madame Helene’s Pleasure House. Lucinda (Lucky) Haymore is violently compromised by a fortune hunter but the solution proposed by her longtime friend Paul St. Clare is terribly awkward given her unrequited feelings for him and his prospects as her father’s heir to the dukedom. That does not even begin to address his predilection for male companionship and blossoming love affair with a new lover. Under the aegis of Madame Helene Delornay and the influence of various facets of the notorious salon that she runs, Lucky and Paul work on a compromise that they both can live with and contemplate an unconventional arrangement that will allow them to pursue happiness.

Book Blurb for Simply Voracious

Though Paul St. Clare's experiences at the House of Pleasure have made him an expert at pleasing women, he is convinced he will never marry. That is, until his favourite relative, Lucinda St Clare, is abandoned by a vile seducer and asks Paul to save her reputation and marry her. Lucinda is happy to settle for a marriage in name only with her best friend. But Paul vows to find her a man who can sexually satisfy her. Lieutenant-Colonel Constantine Delinsky is intrigued by Paul's invitation to meet his new wife, and more than willing to engage in an affair. As passion deepens and Lucinda's first lover threatens to expose the marriage as a sham, all three discover how much they will sacrifice to stay together...

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 3.50