Show No Fear

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Show No Fear

Nina Reilly Series #12

Show No Fear is the latest Nina Reilly mystery penned by sisters Pam and Mary writing as Perri O’Shaughnessy.  The perfect storm surrounds Nina as her mother battles both the effects of her disease and the malpractice perpetrated upon her which resulted in the loss of a hand, the father of her son decides he wants to finally engage with the son he has ignored for the first four years of his life and her brother spirals downward in his drug addiction.  This twelfth book in the Nina Reilly series delves into her past as she is juggling family obligations while attending law school at night and working as a paralegal during the day.  Her mentor, Remy Sorensen, is not only a fantastic lawyer but has that indescribable allure that ensnares the men around her, including lawyer Jack McIntyre, the oblivious object of Nina’s interest.  Remy has aspirations for appointment to a judgeship but manages to squeeze Nina’s mother into her caseload as they prepare a malpractice suit against the acupuncturist who was responsible for the loss of her hand.  Nina struggles to cope with the vindictive ex-lover who threatens her relationship with her beloved young son while meeting both family and professional obligations.  Two separate murders involving people that Nina was intimately connected to ensnare her in a living nightmare as she struggles to determine the perpetrator of one or both crimes before her life crumbles completely.

This was an entertaining mystery that provides insight into some of the machinations that occur within the legal system.  Nina is an odd amalgam of savvy legal student and naive single mother in search of a relationship.  Nice twists and turns with a chilling look at the sliding scale of ethics employed by some apparently upstanding lawyers.

Book Blurb for Show No Fear

A brand-new Nina Reilly thriller takes readers back to Nina's first murder investigation, to the case that ignites her passionate commitment to fighting for justice. As a single mom working as a paralegal and attending law school at night, Nina has her hands full fighting for custody of her young son Bob and overseeing a medical malpractice lawsuit on behalf of her mother. But when a woman falls to her death off a bridge near Big Sur and witnesses disappear, Nina suspects there is more to the "accident" than the authorities are saying. With the help of homicide cop Paul van Wagoner, she rushes to uncover the truth. Show No Fear illumines what makes the brilliant Nina Reilly tick — and, in this fascinating prequel to an illustrious career, begins a love affair for her fans and readers of complex, gripping thrillers everywhere!

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 4.00