Shoebox Sam

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Shoebox Sam

Shoebox Sam is a delightful children's story deftly told by Mary Brigid Barrett and beautifully illustrated by Frank Morrison. A humble yet profound teacher, Shoebox Sam shows his young friends Delia and Jesse the power of helping treat what some might consider useless, whether a pair of worn shoes or a human being down on his or her luck. The children are witness to the miracles that can be wrought by gentle treatment and respect and they get a chance to share in the joy and warmth that can be generated even when the weather outside is rainy. A beautiful story that provides a lesson without being preachy.

Book Blurb for Shoebox Sam

Award-Winning Children's Author Mary Brigid Barrett Teaches Young Readers the Importance of Giving Back

Illustrated by NAACP Image Award Winner Frank Morrison

The pink slippers on the wall catch her eye. 'Those are the most beautiful shoes I've seen in all my life.' Down at the corner of Magnolia and Vine, you'll find the shop of Shoebox Sam--where old shoes become like new again and anyone in need finds a friend. Delia and Jessie spend Saturdays with Shoebox Sam, helping him with customers, rich and poor. They learn about giving and caring, loving and sharing. Then one day, when a customer notices a prized pair of shoes, they uncover their greatest lesson of all.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 4.50