The Lords of Satyr #6

“Sevin” by Elizabeth Amber is part of her ‘The Lords of Satyr’ series and consists of two tales, “Sevin” and “Lucien”. These two brothers of the Roman Satyr clan are still unmated. Sevin hasn’t found a female that he wants to bond with and his concern for his damaged brother, Lucien, dictates that any female that becomes part of his life will necessarily have to accept Lucien as well--particularly during the Calling. The monthly requirement for satiation is an essential requirement to the Satyr yet Lucien must be forced to participate due to his antipathy to touch after the years of torture he has endured. The ultimate irony results from an unplanned translocation that forces both Sevin and Lucien to be dependent for their very lives on Alexa Patrizzi, the sister of Lucien’s torturer. Alexa has her own secrets and family complications but never imagines that the sensual pull she feels for Sevin will be acted on in such a carnal manner and result in such a life changing event.

Lucien’s erratic powers combine with his strong desires to escape from the cloying concern of his brothers and result in him being translocated to ElseWorld and becoming the basis for a ritual reminiscent of that used for Vestal Virgins. Lucien’s reluctance to be touched transmutes into a very real representation and it is up to the Healer Natalia to find a way to protect her sister and help heal the wounded soul who appeals to her on all levels.

Another imaginative addition to the very erotic series about those sensual Satyr who populate regions of Italy. The tensions between humans and those remarkable beings from ElseWorld continue to rise and the Satyr must find a way to deal with the repercussions even as they continue to hold their very necessary carnal rites. The continued repercussions from Lucien’s imprisonment are explored and creatively managed as the four brothers each try to find happiness. Temporary solutions are found for several of the issues facing the sensual quartet of brothers but there are more struggles to overcome, including a lack of an essential ingredient for their elixir. The series continues to unfold in a very creative and intriguing manner, hopefully there will be additional volumes beyond this second arc.

Book Blurb for Sevin

Lord Sevin Satyr indulges freely in the delights of the flesh within his infamous Salone di Passione, the talk of 1880s Rome. Surely the Humans who would deny his kind their pleasures can be persuaded to share them in a new Salone he plans just for them - above all, the beautiful Alexa Patrizzi. Fiery and spirited, she is made for sin...Sevin's younger brother Lucien possesses powers he cannot control. Held in the Roman catacombs as a sex slave until he was eighteen, he finds refuge in the ElseWorld - and sexual healing in the arms of Natalia, a maenad, who thinks Luc too beautiful, too young for her. But when his mirrored eyes heat to molten silver at her touch, she can only love him more...

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.00