Seducing His Brother's Receptionist

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Seducing His Brother's Receptionist

Wolves of Stone Ridge Book 44

“Seducing His Brother’s Receptionist” by Charlie Richards follows Wendell Burgeon as he goes from dealing with an overaggressive one-night stand to discovering Teague Rochette has unexpected depths to go with his deliciously hot classic car. It turns out these two have all kinds of discoveries to make about each other, some of which might be easier to accept than others!

Part of the extensive ‘Wolves of Stone Ridge’ series, this adult m/m paranormal story was easy to read as a stand-alone story, even though I am unfamiliar with the other books in the series. There are several tropes blended into an entertaining story which includes a human discovering he’s a wolf-shifter’s mate, a gay-for-you relationship, vegetarian vs. definite carnivore, and crazy wanna-be lovers drama. Things move a little fast in the relationship and there’s not quite as much clarity about the disposition of a certain troublemaker as I would like, but there is plenty of charisma and sex appeal displayed by all of the characters. I particularly like the concept of mixed species of shifters and I hope several of the secondary characters are going to have their own time in the spotlight. This is a quick light read that will undoubtedly appeal to those who like stories about sexy shifters finding and protecting their mates.

Book Blurb for Seducing His Brother's Receptionist

Wendell Burgeon just wanted a hot night in town. Instead, he picks up a stalker…a dangerous one. When his make-up doesn’t hide the bruising, a friend at the office jumps to conclusions and tries to cheer him up. Cecil Rochette convinces his brother Teague to give Wendell a ride in his classic car…the one Wendell has been drooling over for years. To Wendell’s shock, Teague’s behavior belies his brawny jock image. He’s kind and sweet and seems interested in him, asking Wendell on a date when the car ride is over. He even comes to his rescue when his stalker shows up. Can Wendell’s knight in shining armor truly be as wonderful as he seems? When Wendell discovers that Teague has secrets of his own, he must make a decision. Who’s the more dangerous…his stalker or his knight?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2018 3.75