Secret Weapon

Opal Carew's "Secret Weapon" is a steamy look at the life of Janine Reid who left Los Angeles six years prior after the tragic death of her brother. She relocated across the country to Maine after realizing that her attraction to Sloan Granger was apparently unreciprocated. Sloan has become a police officer and has finally followed her to the East Coast with the intentions of resuming his relationship with her, only to be invited to participate in a menage a trois by one of his new work colleagues. Imagine his surprise when he discovers that Janine is the "friend with benefits' that his colleague and other coworkers enjoy hot sexual interludes with. Sloan is reluctant to accept that Janine has developed a penchant for multiple partners but his participation in a sizzling poker game with erotic stakes convinces him that he will do almost anything to stay in her life. Sloan must find a way to rekindle the love that he and Janine shared so long ago and if that means introducing yet another man or three into the mix then he is willing but he is not sure he is going to be able to control his jealousy if Janine develops deeper feelings for anyone but himself. He's willing to share her body but not her to convince Janine of his sincerity.

A very hot read about a woman who is constantly testing her limits and searching for reassurance through her edgy sexual encounters. Sloan was awfully slow to resolve his own issues and follow (6 years!) and it is a bit doubtful that this radical shift in his paradigm is going to ultimately be a success but it is certainly going to be a sizzling relationship for as long as it lasts. Fortunately, there is no shortage of hot sexy policemen in this area of Maine!

Book Blurb for Secret Weapon

There's only one thing hotter than a man in uniform...when he takes it off.

Threesomes and men of the law have always been two of Janine's biggest turn-ons.  So when her boyfriend offers to invite one of his buddies from the police force into their bedroom, it's an offer she can't refuse.  But when the extra man shows up, the last thing she expects is for it to be Sloan Granger--a man from her past.

Janine is the one woman who Sloan's never been able to forget, and now that their worlds have collided, he has a second chance to win her back.  Even though she refuses to let him back into her life, he's determined to change her mind--no matter what the cost.  His love for her has always been his greatest weakness, but this time, it's also his most powerful weapon....

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.50