Secret Service Rescue

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Secret Service Rescue

The Adair Legacy

This entertaining romantic suspense story is apparently connected to several others which detail the various members of a powerful woman’s family yet it can be read as a standalone. The mystery and gradually revealed relationships are juxtaposed with an overall threat that looms throughout the various novels in this series and which is dealt with in the exciting conclusion. There are both heartwarming and poignant revelations as well as heart-pounding situations that have to be dealt with and this was a very fun read. I look forward to the next great story from this prolific author.

“Secret Service Rescue” by Elle James is part of ‘The Adair Legacy’ series. Daniel Henderson is a Secret Service Agent who is the only one former Vice President Kate Winston trusts. When an astonishing reminder of her past reveals a threat that she didn’t know existed, Daniel is the only one she trusts to protect the family she never knew she had, Shelby Raye O’Hara. Shelby is headstrong and unwilling to accept that her lifestyle needs to change and it is up to the determined and conscientious Daniel to protect her despite her protests...but the question is who is going to protect him from the temptation that she poses!

Book Blurb for Secret Service Rescue

The Adair legacy concludes with a shocking revelation… 

Kidnapped and held captive for weeks, Shelby O'Hara is grateful to be rescued by handsome secret service agent Daniel Henderson. But the rebellious beauty balks at his 24/7 protection until she learns the shocking secret of why she was abducted: she's the granddaughter of the former U.S. vice president, a woman with lethal opponents in a deadly political game.

To elude those enemies, Daniel and Shelby go on the run, although they are constantly at each other's throats…until the fighting stops with a torrid kiss. Suddenly, Shelby doesn't feel so safe. From the bad guys, maybe, but from Daniel? He's a clear and present danger to her heart!

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.00