Run with the Moon

Men of Silo

This intriguing story provides an interesting combination of small town life and the challenge of acceptance for those who are different. I enjoyed the parallel between the difficulties of a gay man finding acceptance and the challenge of being part of a very unusual minority who can transform into wolves in a predominately human only society. It is great watching the flowering of the relationship (although I agree, Jamie may need to be encased in bubble wrap) and watching Jamie become a more self-assured individual and I look forward to reading more about these fascinating characters.

“Run With the Moon” by Diana DeRicci is a m/m paranormal romance that centers around Jamie Ness who has been severely abused by his father, which escalated once Jamie admits to being gay. Dr. Chris Rose is one of three brothers who not only share a veterinary practice but are also wolf shapeshifters and his innate concern for the injured young man who winds up in their town is complicated by his attraction to the male who has been claimed as a mate by his wolf.

Book Blurb for Run with the Moon

Jamie Ness is homeless and on the run. After divulging his deepest, guarded secret, his father attacked him, which left no choice but for Jamie to leave everything behind he'd once known.

His greatest fear is that his father will realize the mistake he made in throwing away the only real income coming into their home and hunt for Jamie. Putting distance between his father and wherever he stops is his only priority. After walking for days, putting one foot in front of the other, it's impossible to turn down a hot meal when Chris Rose pulls up at his side on the outskirts of a town he doesn't know.

Offering the young man a helping hand is ingrained in Chris. Something to eat, a warm bed, and safety, even if he could only get Jamie to grudgingly agree to one night. He would have offered that and more to the young man with the shadowed eyes, except more trouble was looming for Jamie. It isn't just Jamie's dad that Jamie has to worry about, because there is nothing in his life that could have prepared him for Chris's secrets.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.00