Ride the Fire

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Ride the Fire

A very stark and emotional portrayal of the harsh life during the untamed era of American history as seen through the eyes of two very tortured individuals who struggle to live rather than eke out an existence. It is very uncomfortable to read about the heinous insults inflicted on each character and one cannot help but wince as they continue to suffer from their pasts as they face even more dangers to their very survival. Their deepening relationship seems to work backwards as they become a family linked by their desire to protect a helpless infant before they actually become a couple. The vivid descriptions reflect the author’s dedication to detailed research into this era and make this an excellent addition to the series that includes “Sweet Release” and “Carnal Gift”. This re-released volume has been refined and slightly expanded and provides a gripping and somewhat disquieting read that is an intense and enlightening romance and not for the faint of heart.

“Ride the Fire” by Pamela Clare is an American historical romance set during the stark and danger-filled period of frontier life during the late 1700s. The horrific tortures and violence pervasive in the culture is graphically detailed and the privations facing a lone woman are dauntingly portrayed. Elspeth (Bethie) Stewart has survived things that could have completely destroyed her spirit yet she has the courage to try to make a life for herself and her unborn child despite overwhelming odds against her survival. Nicholas Kenleigh bears horrific scars on both body and mind but when circumstances force him into the company of the determined widow he discovers that he still is capable of gentler emotions. The unlikely pair form a bond that will be sorely tested as they seek a way to survive not only the very real dangers facing them during the upheavals on the frontier but the potent and malevolent enemies from their respective pasts.

Book Blurb for Ride the Fire

Sometimes survival isn’t just about staying alive… Widowed and alone on the frontier, Elspeth Stewart will do whatever it takes to protect herself and her unborn child from the dangers of the wilderness and of men. Though her youthful beauty doesn’t show it, she is broken and scarred from the way men have treated her. So when a stranger wanders onto Bethie’s land, wounded and needing her aid, she takes no risks, tying him to the bed and hiding his weapons before ministering to his injuries. But Bethie’s defenses cannot keep Nicholas Kenleigh from breaking down her emotional walls. The scars on his body speak of a violent past, but his gentleness, warmth, and piercing eyes arouse longings in her that she never imagined she had. As Nicholas and Bethie reveal to each other both their hidden desires and their tortured secrets, they discover that riding the flames of their passion might be the key to burning away the nightmares of their pasts.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.00