Rescue Me

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Rescue Me

Second Chance Ranch, #1

There is a nice blend of mystery and small town feel in this contemporary romance that adds to this series which has engaging canine secondary characters. The connection between the humans and some of the rescue dogs gives a poignant look at the important human-animal bond, even as the story points out the occasionally neglected responsibilities to provide a decent home for pets. There is a sobering look at the issues of drug addiction and the breadth of people who become caught by this awful vice, although some of the revelations are a bit predictable.

I love that there is a combination of encouragement for potential redemption as well as a warning of the serious repercussions and heartbreak that can result from succumbing to the seduction of drugs. For me, it is a little disconcerting to get intermittent contributions from one of the dogs’ point of view, but it is an emotional ride to follow events from that unique perspective. I enjoyed this addition to the series that shows there are plenty of challenges in small-town life and that a furry friend makes everything better, and I look forward to other stories that allow us to visit these folks again!

“Rescue Me” by Catherine Mann is part of the ‘Second Chance Ranch’ series and centers around Mary Hannah Gallo, a mental health counselor who has deep ties to those at the Second Chance Ranch. Her attraction to sexy former undercover detective, A.J. Parker, is complicated by her past history as well as his past experiences. Their shared concern about the dog they rescue and name Holly becomes the basis for a slowly flowering relationship but the fear that it will become a tug of war between two completely conflicting perspectives may prevent them from ever moving forward. Sadly, there are many secrets surrounding those who are connected to the Second Chance Ranch, and some of them may be too serious to ignore in favor of giving a ‘second chance’.

Book Blurb for Rescue Me

A rescued dog returns the favor in the latest Second Chance Romance from USA Today bestselling author of Shelter Me.

Detective AJ Parker left undercover work in Atlanta to join a small-town Tennessee police force, hoping for an easier workload and the solitude of his cabin. But the scars left by AJ’s previous work are more difficult to escape than he thought?

Mary Hannah Gallo works with the Second Chance Ranch Animal Rescue to train therapy dogs for traumatized patients. It isn’t easy, but her life is under control?until she meets the broodingly sensual AJ, who rattles her composure all the way to her toes.

After an assignment confiscating dogs from a backyard breeder reveals a dangerous drug operation, AJ must work with sexy perfectionist Mary Hannah to train an abused rescue dog?a dog now named Holly. While Holly proves to these two very different people that opposites can, in fact, attract, she also knows more than a few explosive secrets that could heal?or divide?the entire town.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 4.25