This fun romantic suspense tale has intriguing paranormal elements as well as an enlightening look at the machinations and behind the scenes fighting over the excavations of tombs. Connor is an enigmatic and scarred hero who almost makes one uncomfortable but fortunately Isis is very comfortable in her own skin and somewhat fearless about things that other people would find cringeworthy (I, for one, definitely don’t like spiders!). I loved Connor’s obsession with clean eyeglasses and the determination displayed by Isis when she decides that she wants something, not to mention her apparently bottomless camera bag that contains the most interesting supplies. There are occasional inconsistencies but nothing that seriously detracts from this fun read and I am always fascinated by the concept of psychometry so Connor’s ability to obtain GPS coordinates by touching objects adds to my enjoyment of this exciting tale. I look forward to reading more in this series.

“Relentless” by Cherry Adair is part of the ‘Lodestone’ series which features people with extraordinary capabilities. Isis Magee is trying to vindicate her father’s lifelong claims of finding Cleopatra’s tomb and has hired the Lodestone company with the last of her funds. Connor Thorne is an ex-MI5 agent who has barely survived horrific torture and is still coping with the aftermath of witnessing the heinous murders of his partners but he is reluctantly remaining low-profile while working at the Lodestone agency. Together they end up stirring up all too many people who seem to want to kill one or both of them.

Book Blurb for Relentless

The latest book in a New York Times bestselling thrilling paranormal romance series featuring the men and women of Lodestone: when there is no hope left, this special agency can deliver or retrieve anything, anyone, anywhere.

The find of the century will be lost unless Isis McGee and Connor Thorne unravel the truth behind an ancient Egyptian secret. Isis McGee believes her father, once a world-renowned archeologist, when he claims to have found the Egyptian tomb that’s been his life’s work. However, between August McGee’s crumbled reputation and painful descent into Alzheimer’s, Isis needs help re-finding the tomb before the valley where it’s located is flooded for a much-needed dam. But the only proof her father has is an artifact that’s been stolen. And all she has to jump start the search is the exquisite gold outer box that held the relic.

Ex-MI5 agent Connor Thorne had a near death experience in Afghanistan five years ago. There, love and duty collided, leaving him bitter, disillusioned, and with a special talent for finding lost things. Now working for Lodestone, he uses his uncanny sixth sense to find lost or stolen objects, which makes him the perfect operative to help Isis McGee find her father’s lost tomb. But Conner hates deserts, and the last thing he wants is a beautiful woman tagging along while he does his job.

From Seattle, to London and Cairo, they are in a race to find the clues before the sands of time run out. Red-hot passion ignites in the desert heat as Connor and Isis must outwit a faceless enemy more powerful, more ruthless, than either can imagine.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.00