Redefining Home

Harrington Hills Book 4

“Redefining Home” by Megan Linden provides an intriguing look at the dynamics of how a human can be integrated into an established shifter relationship. I liked the introduction to the organization of the pack and the glimpse of the town itself. I love the friendship and close ties depicted and felt these guys would be wonderful to have in my life. It is surprising to me that it’s taken a decade for things to be resolved, and that Bill and Roy have remained in limbo for so long. Even though I am not familiar with the series, I had no trouble getting attached to these characters and invested in their struggle to acclimate to one another and I definitely want to get to know the other inhabitants of this fascinating town.

This m/m paranormal romance follows human Adrian Marlow as he explores the possibilities in Harrington Hills, both for his friend who is in search of a new pack and for himself as he looks for Roy Cocker, the man who took his heart when he left San Francisco a decade before. Roy’s long-term partnership with Bill Soreno has never moved to the next step, but he’s not prepared when Adrian comes back into his life. The Harrington Hills pack is about to change, the only question is whether it will be for the better.

Book Blurb for Redefining Home


Book four in the Harrington Hills series

Sometimes two isn’t enough for a happily ever after.

Shifters Roy Cocker and Bill Soreno have been together for years but they’d never become mates. Roy had not been able to fully commit to forever when a part of his heart belonged to a man he’d once left behind in San Francisco.

Now that man, Adrian Marlow, shows up in Harrington Hills unexpectedly and their world gets thrown out of whack. Roy can’t go through losing Adrian a second time, Bill’s instincts are sending him mixed signals—and Adrian? Adrian doesn’t want to get his heart broken again.

But can he really leave Harrington Hills behind after only one day? Or is there a way for the three of them to right the old wrongs, heal each other’s wounds and become something more?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2017 4.25