Puddle Pug

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Puddle Pug

“Puddle Pug” by Kim Norman is a cute children’s book illustrated by Keika Yamaguchi that celebrates the joy of puddles. Percy the pug leaps and frolics through all kinds of puddles but naturally the one he likes the best is already claimed by a mama sow and her piglets, forcing him to either find an alternative or provide a reason for them to share. The dynamic drawings and delightful words elicit such a sense of joy that one cannot help but smile when browsing through this fun read. I think that this book would provide great entertainment for a young child and give a warm fuzzy feeling to anyone who loves animals and admires perseverance.

Book Blurb for Puddle Pug

Percy the Pug loves puddles—big puddles, small puddles, swamp puddles, stomp puddles. But no puddle is perfect  . . .  until he finds one with three friendly piglets. But protective Mama Pig says NO PUGS and chases Percy away! Irresistibly illustrated by Keika Yamaguchi, Kim Norman's tale about a persistent pug and his pursuit of friendship in puddle paradise brims with warmth and charm.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.50