Prowl the Night

“Prowl the Night” by Crystal Jordan is comprised of two erotic novellas, “Crave Me” and “Want Me” about the Panther were clan in San Francisco. “Crave Me”: Tomas, the heir to the South American Pride and his new wife Ciri, from the Japanese Panther Pride, are a study in opposites. She is introspective, artistic and would prefer quiet nights at home whereas he has been groomed as heir to his Pride and is outgoing, sociable and passionate. They recognized each other as mates from their first meeting but upheavals in Tomas’ life, including the death of his mentor/grandfather, have catapulted the newlyweds into the Clan spotlight, a position that Ciri loathes. The only place where they seem to be able to communicate is in the bedroom and even that is becoming rarer as pressures seem destined to tear them apart from each other. The culture shock that Ciri is experiencing, combined with her insecurity in her mate’s devotion to their relationship places a strain on their marriage. A threat to her safety and the unhappiness that they are experiencing forces Tomas into a decision that may either destroy his position in the pack or destroy his marriage.

“Want Me”: Rafael (Rafe) is a travel journalist who has traveled around the world but is wearily returning home when he realizes that he has met his mate, only to find that she refuses to acknowledge their bond since she has the horrific example of her brother to show her what happens when the bond is broken. Isabel has been thrust into the role of Pride heir since her brother had his breakdown but she revels in the role even as she feels guilt at how she achieved it. She continues to fight against the attraction that she feels for Rafe despite the searing intimacy that they share but she will have to face the same decision that Tomas had to, what is more important...the Pride or her personal life?

A pair of loosely related novellas that spotlight the Panther were clans and the charismatic members who are searching for their niche within the political machinations. The sizzlingly carnal scenes add spice to the poignant descriptions of outsiders searching for a way to integrate into a closely knit and strictly regulated structure. The mixture of suspense and paranormal elements meld to form a complex and enjoyable tale of charismatic shifters and Pride dynamics. Looking forward to tales about the rest of fascinating people who occupy this world.

Book Blurb for Prowl the Night

They are Panthers, sleek and sultry shapeshifters who survive by banding together and mating for life. Theirs is a world of unmatched power and uncontrollable passion. . .

Crave Me

As newly appointed heir to his Pride, Tomas Montoya struggles with both his new duties and his new mate. He craves the dark and dangerous pleasure he finds with Ciri but wonders if he can ever satisfy her need for more. . .

Want Me

Teresa Garcia has seen how loving and losing a mate can drive someone mad and she has no interest in experiencing that herself. But when she meets Rafael Santiago, she wants him like no other. Driven by desire, she hungers for his body with a fierce and feral passion. . .

Praise for the novels of Crystal Jordan

"There are books you read and those very special ones you devour. . .Carnal Desires is definitely one of the latter. This is definitely an author to watch." —Kate Douglas, author of Wolf Tales

"The author is a master world builder and the abundant sex scenes complement the plot and characters. One cannot help but fall in love with these large, dangerous, hot cats!" —Romantic Times on On The Prowl

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.50