Seraphine Chronicles, Book 4

This imaginative and steamy fantasy novella continues to explore a connection between contemporary society on Earth and an entirely different world that is peopled by fantastical beings. The combination of sexy warriors, mischievous and sometimes malicious magical beings and pragmatic females make this a fun series but this author contributes her trademark heat that provides another very erotic chapter in the saga of the mysterious Seraphine Elves. A great addition to the series.

“Posssessed” by Jaymie Holland (Cheyenne McCray) is part of the ‘Seraphine Chronicles’ series and continues the saga of females who discover they have links with the Faerie. Natalie Capella thinks she is reluctantly doing a favor for a friend by trying out a virtual reality machine. She never expects to enter a seductive world where a sexy Elvin warrior named Evvan, one of the Devline Enforcers, appoints himself as her protector and claims her as his l’tiani although she somehow is quite willing to embrace him as her sexy lover. A mysterious tie to the land that she has found herself in results in her becoming embroiled in a struggle against an evil sorcerer and makes it imperative that she learn how to use all of the resources available to her but she must make a choice between the life that she has known and the remarkable world that she has discovered, before the choice is taken from her.

Book Blurb for Possessed

Natalie Capella was raised in New York City and the last thing she believes in are fairytales. When she goes through a virtual reality exhibit at a convention and ends up in a strange world with an all-to-real dragon hunting her down, she begins to think she’s lost her mind.

Evvan rescues a strange woman from most certain death. It isn’t long before he realizes that there’s more to this odd woman than he first believed…especially when he sees her birthmark. It also doesn’t take him long to decide she’s his woman—now to convince her of that fact.

Natalie finds herself incredibly drawn to the big brute as they make their way to the most erotic place she’s ever been…and to a destiny she never expects.

Please Note: Possessed is romantic erotica and will singe your fingertips! Possessed was originally published in the “Things That Go Bump in the Night III” anthology with Ellora’s Cave Publishing.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 4.00