Perfect One Dish Dinners

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Perfect One Dish Dinners

All You Need for Easy Get-Togethers

Perfect One-Dish Dinners by Pam Anderson is a feast for the eyes as well as a seductive cookbook that tempts indifferent cooks such as myself to believe that it is possible to prepare an appetizing multiple course meal without resorting to the takeout counter at a local restaurant.  The recipes are straightforward and the ingredient list is generally comprised of items that should be obtainable without necessitating a trek to a distant gourmet supply store.  The appetizer and dessert combinations suggested for each main course  are wonderful additions and the author has alternative suggestions that seem just as tempting as the original  offerings.  Wine pairings are indicated at the end of each set of recipes for those who are concerned with that information.  It would be nice to have a more complete table of contents at the beginning of each section but the index seems to be pretty comprehensive.  A nice addition to any cook’s library no matter what skill level because the beautiful pictures will tempt you to stretch your horizons although one hopes the pages are glossy so that the reader’s salivation doesn’t ruin the recipes!

Book Blurb for Perfect One Dish Dinners

In Perfect One-Dish Dinners, the New York Times best-selling author Pam Anderson shares her secret for having people over without breaking stride: Make just one dish. Instead of a parade of offerings, she focuses attention on a single main course—a rustic tart, paella, grilled platter, or homey stew. Perfect One-Dish Dinners showcases about forty such meals, perfect for every season and occasion, all designed to wow guests, calm the cook, and relieve the dishwasher at the end of the night.

* Stews for All Seasons
* Worldly Casseroles
* Roasting Pan Complete
* Big Summer Salads and Grilled Platters

If the cook wants to make something extra, Pam provides a compatible appetizer, salad, and dessert for every one-dish dinner. And as a special bonus, she throws in "nearly instant" alternatives for each—more than 200 mixable, matchable recipes. Whether for a book group, church get-together, birthday party, or family supper, Perfect One-Dish Dinners makes easy, shareable meals perfectly doable.


Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.50