Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson

Moon Called Volume 1 TP

Newsflash...a fantastic new graphic novel of Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson: Moon Called is about to introduce her fascinating world to a new group of readers. Mercedes (Mercy) Thompson is an auto mechanic who just happens to possess the ability to transform to a coyote. Her enhanced sense of smell helps her identify the young man who comes to her garage looking for work as a werewolf but she doesn't anticipate the men who show up trying to recapture him for their nefarious experiments. She realizes that she will need to get her neighbor Adam Hauptman, the alpha of the local werewolf pack, involved but soon discovers that she cannot depend on his pack so has to return to her own roots. The complications of becoming a werewolf and pack life are explored as well as a bonus depiction of the origin of Mercy's new worker.

A fascinating and intriguing depiction introducing the world of Mercy Thompson in a beautifully rendered medium. The vivid panels provide a wealth of information and enhance the reader's enjoyment of the gripping story. Unfortunately, the limitations of the medium also make this a cliffhanger as the entire tale is not provided but the reader is partially assuaged by the bonus story provided. A fascinating insight into the process of converting a printed book into the graphic novel medium is provided by adaptor David Lawrence in the afterword.

There are a few disconcerting elements that have to be faced when any work is translated into a new medium, particularly reconciling what one has imagined with someone else's vision. There are multiple versions of Mercy presented since a different artist has painted each issue cover and there are a few inconsistencies in perspective and hair color but overall this is a wonderful addition to the collection and will garner new fans of these intriguing characters as well as encourage reading and rereading of the popular series in print form.

Book Blurb for Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson

Five Mercy Thompson novels have topped the New York Times best-seller list, and her premiere graphic novel did the same. Now Patricia Briggs' heroic shape-shifter returns to comics! Mercy Thompson inhabits two worlds without truly belonging to either. To the human inhabitants of the Tri-Cities she's an oddity, a female mechanic operating her own garage. To the town's darker residents, werewolves, vampires, and fae, she's a walker, a last-of-her-kind magical being with the power to become a coyote. Mercy warily straddles the fine line dividing our everyday world from that darker dimension... 'till a boy, mauled by vicious werewolves and forever changed by the attack and on the run from those who committed the crime, appears at her door. Now her two worlds are about to collide! Outnumbered and out-muscled, can Mercy possibly save the boy... or even herself?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.50