Passion Play

Celestial Soul-Mates, Book 3

“Passion Play” by Opal Carew is part of the ‘Celestial Soul-Mates series and centers on Crystal who joins other females for what she thinks is a vacation prize but is in actuality a selection process for an alien named Terrian and the rest of his crew. Terrian’s race believes in a principle called “tanash’ae” which allows them to sense their soul-mates and all five of the women have been chosen to meet their future mates. Crystal is willing to have sex with the attractive Terrian but the idea of commitment to a single person terrifies her. Terrian has quite a few tricks up his sleeve, including the use of restraints but he has trouble convincing the stubborn Crystal that she’s his tanash’ae and she’d rather sample the techniques of someone else and participate in a menage a trois while she is fleeing the restrictions that Terrian wants to place upon her. Terrian may have his work cut out for him to convince the sexy human that she is his one and only mate.

A quick spicy tale that is third in the series and continues the saga of the sexy otherworldly crewmembers who are searching for their true-mates. Crystal is comfortable with her own sexuality but not with the idea of commitment and her companions have their own issues to overcome, theoretically detailed in other novellas of this series. A bit superficial with regards to character development but plenty of sizzling scenes. A short erotic light read.

Book Blurb for Passion Play

Tied down? Forget it. Tied up? Bring it on.

The three words that make Crystal shudder? Happily ever after. Love 'em and leave 'em smiling, that's her style.

Her dream vacation didn't include getting kidnapped by aliens, but then again, her personal abductor is six-plus feet of masculinity who responds to her come-hither look with an I'm-coming glitter in his eye. Except there's something different about him-other than the fact he's not of her world. He's so eager to please it's almost.unnerving.

Weeks of studying Crystal from afar has only sharpened Terrian's hunger for the lusciously curved blonde. He is prepared to woo his tanash'ae gently, but from the first touch, she is living fire in his arms. She seems to have only one tiny flaw. She's better at giving pleasure than receiving it.

No matter, he can fix that.

As sexual intensity builds, so does something Crystal's never faced before. Fear. Fear that she's sliding down a slippery slope from wanting him to needing him. Way too much. And that she must never allow to happen.

Warning: Contains bondage, voyeurism, a little two-girls-on-one-hunk action, a heroine who doesn't mind taking charge, and a sexy hero who intends to win her heart. The author is not responsible for the reader's overwhelming desire to seek out and submit to their own alien abductors.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 3.75