Party of Three

A H.O.T. Cops Novel

“Party of Three” by Lacey Alexander is one of her ‘H.O.T. Cops series’ and is an erotic story of Ethan West’s very special birthday gift to his girlfriend Mira Adams for her 32nd birthday. Ethan the workaholic has been a little too preoccupied with his duties as a lawyer and Mira is feeling neglected enough to contemplate leaving him when she is startled by his ‘gift’. A fantasy that Mira confided to Ethan is presented in living flesh when their weekend getaway to a cabin in the Michigan woods turns out to include Rogan Wolfe, Mira’s ex-lover and Ethan’s teammate from the H.O.T. (Hostage Ops Team) unit. Rogan is delighted to join Ethan in giving Mira the sexual fantasy that she dreamed of but the threesome becomes more intense and fraught with emotion than any of them had planned for. Ethan wants to be able to handle the jealousy of seeing Mira sharing intimacies with Rogan, Mira wants to feel free and secure enough to welcome both men into her body yet reserve her heart for her true love and Rogan wants to continue to believe that he made the right decision when he walked away from Mira. Will this be a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’ or a dream come true weekend?

Although this tale was filled with the author’s typical sizzling heat, for some reason the characters just didn’t gel for me. One of those self-serving gifts, a menage that is suddenly presented to one’s exclusive partner as a surprise is necessarily startling but Mira seemed to fluctuate in her responses and I didn’t feel that the impact on the relationship rang true. The constant introspection does provide some insight into the characters but somehow seemed to make the story drag a bit and it felt like a series of sex scenes being strung together with very little story, unlike most of the other works I have read from this entertaining author. Not my favorite tale from her.

Book Blurb for Party of Three

Ethan West is giving his girlfriend Mira something special for her birthday: her never-before-explored fantasy. He's recruited one of his cop friends to join them for a romantic weekend. But the three of them cross boundries they never expected.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 3.50