Our Wicked Mistake

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Our Wicked Mistake

Notorious Bachelors Series, Book 2

Emma Wildes continues her “Notorious Bachelors” series with Our Wicked Mistake, featuring the lovely widow Madeline May, Lady Brewer and Luke Daudent, Viscount Altea.  Luke is another member of the closeknit trio whose friendship was honed by war.  He has returned to England physically intact but was scarred by the horrors he has experienced and refuses to contemplate the prospect of becoming vulnerable by giving his heart to anyone other than those who already have a claim to his affections.  The torrid one night stand enjoyed with Lady Brewer a year ago convinced him that she alone was capable of wielding a dangerous hold on him and he abruptly and unflatteringly decamped from her side.  Madeline herself has only been intimate with one man other than her greatly mourned husband and thinks of Luke immediately when she is faced with a life-altering situation.  Luke efficiently mobilizes his resources on her behalf and gradually succumbs to her irresistible blend of innocence and passion.  Their scandalous liaison intensifies while the threat to Madeline’s future continues to escalate and they must determine what is truly important to them before they lose everything.

This is Another wonderfully crafted addition to the series that features tormented charismatic ex-soldiers who are not only loyal to their country but unfailingly supportive of each other.  Ms. Wildes continues to expertly weave several love stories together in a fascinating tapestry that features intriguing secondary characters  who almost beg for their own feature roles.  Part of her allure is the strongly sensual females that populate her tales who are unafraid to face their vulnerabilities and the complex virile heroes who capture their hearts by being wholehearted in their support and protection without smothering.  A heartwarming lushly romantic story that makes me impatient for the Marquess of Longhaven to reveal his tale.

Book Blurb for Our Wicked Mistake

A new Notorious Bachelors novel from Emma Wildes When blackmail turns to murder, Madeline May turns to the notorious Viscount Altea, a man used to dealing with men of ill repute, and a man she despises with every fiber of her being. From the very moment of their first meeting-and one unforgettable night of passion-Luke Daudet knew she was different. And when he received her fateful entreaty, he knew he would not be able to stay away...

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.75