Otherworld Secrets: An Anthology

An Otherworld Novel

One of my favorite collections of paranormal stories is the ‘Otherworld’ series by this author. I am fascinated by the interactions of the various characters, including the thought-provoking idea of a female alpha who became a werewolf because she was bitten. The secondary characters took on major roles throughout the subsequent stories and this anthology does a great job of giving glimpses of the multiple types of beings as they are adapting to the responsibilities that have been thrust upon them. The deftness with which the author immediately immerses us into this very different world showcases her creativity and dexterity at creating a mesmerizing story. Elena is one of my favorite characters, and seeing her grow into the mantle she is going to take on is satisfying, as is seeing the synergistic relationship she now has with her mate, Clay. The two different perspectives of Jaime and her ability to talk to ghosts and interactions with Eve show the positives and negatives of such an ability. I was entertained by the portrayal of Savannah, who has such powerful ties and powers, yet raids Paige’s stash of herbs without replacing them, such a juxtaposition between the arcane and a real world scenario. The maneuvering of the wily vampire Zoe underscores the importance of brain vs. brawn, and the constant struggle between good and evil plays out throughout all of the stories. This is a great way to get a feel for the different storylines in the series, and I think it will entertain both fans of this author and those who are intrigued by paranormal romance, even if they haven’t read other stories in this series.

“Otherworld Secrets” by Kelley Armstrong is an anthology of six stories that center around many of the characters who star in her paranormal series. “Life after Theft” gives a glimpse of Hope Adams who is supporting her mate Karl Marsten in his attempts to give up his lucrative profession as a jewel thief now that he’s a family man. The efforts of unknown beings to force him back into the old pattern results in Karl and Hope utilizing their formidable talents to remind folks of why blackmail isn’t the way to make Karl do something he doesn’t want to do. “Forbidden” features Elena and Clay as they deal with a lone werewolf, Morgan, who inadvertently drags them to a small town that is more complicated than it seems at first glance. “Angelic” showcases Eve, who is dragged by the Fates into working a case against the djinn who seem to be staging some sort of revolt, despite it being her time to spend with Kristos. The necromancer Jaime, who has parlayed her abilities into an entertainment career, is the focus of “The Ungrateful Dead”, which details the drawbacks of being unable to shut off the demands of a ghost but also reminds one to be careful of what you ask for. “Zen and the Art of Vampirism” follows vampire Zoe as she deals with a takeover bid in her home base of Toronto. Last, but not least, a glimpse of the dynamics between Paige and Lucas is presented in “Counterfeit Magic”, as they deal with the family politics and Paige’s position in the hierarchy.

Book Blurb for Otherworld Secrets: An Anthology

The next Otherworld anthology from #1 New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong

More than a decade after Kelley Armstrong first opened the doors to the Otherworld, fans are still clamoring for more. In response to their demands—and to coincide with the Syfy Network show based on the series—Plume has signed up three Otherworld anthologies, each of which revolves around a different theme. The second in the trilogy, Otherworld Secrets, features fan-favorites such as Cassandra, Savannah, and Adam in rare and neverbefore- published short stories—plus a brand new novella. Fans old and new will flock to this mystery-themed volume to discover the deepest secrets of this captivating world.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.50