Otherworld Chills

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Otherworld Chills

An Otherworld Novel

“Otherworld Chllls” by Kelley Armstrong is an anthology of seven stories that tie together the various threads of the Otherworld universe, starting with “Brazen” that focuses on the search for the evil Malcolm Danvers. Hope the half demon stars in “Chaotic” while Jaime the necromancer gets involved in an all-too-realistic reenactment in “Amityville Horrible”, Eve Levine finds something to occupy herself while she is an “Off-duty Angel” and there are three other titles involving characters familiar to fans of this author.

This collection of urban fantasy paranormal stories has a great mixture of themes and lengths for every taste. I love the chance to get another view of the exotic characters who have had such key roles, and I imagine that even those who haven’t read the prior stories that are the bedrock for this compelling series will enjoy the opportunity to get a chance to know them through these stories. I love revisiting the snarky Eve, seeing the bond between Jaime the necromancer and the powerful Jeremy Danvers, and the heart-tugging actions of the werewolf twins featured in “The Puppy Plan” had an O. Henry flair that provided a warm Christmasy feel. This was a delicious addition to a creative body of work and I really hope to see all of these beings in future stories.

Book Blurb for Otherworld Chills

Uncover Tantalizing New Details from the Otherworld

Embrace the obscure. In the final installment of the Otherworld anthology series, New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong once again opens the gates to the Otherworld. This collection of rare and never-before-published novellas and short stories brings the clever wit, dark twists, and intense suspense Otherworld readers have come to expect. Favorite characters return, secrets are revealed, and several important storylines reach their conclusions.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 4.50