On Midnight Wings

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On Midnight Wings

Book Five of The Maker's Song

This complex and alluring urban fantasy is filled with an almost overwhelming cast of characters who are disturbing yet mesmerizing. There is a sometimes dismaying amount of death and destruction yet one cannot help but feel empathy for the dichotomy personified in the main character, Dante. The adamantine bond which has been formed between him and his mortal lover Heather is delicious to observe yet its existence can still be threatened and this only adds to the escalating tension that is a perpetual aspect of this enthralling series. It is definitely recommended that the series be read from the beginning and in order and even then it is somewhat difficult to keep track of the shifting alliances and multitude of goals being pursued. The harsh torments suffered throughout Dante’s life are constantly alluded to in his flashbacks and it is easy to see why his grasp of reality is so tenuous but one cannot help but empathize with him, despite his ofttimes horrific actions...which is why this author is so impressive. The ability to turn situations on end and make one sympathetic to actions that would not be otherwise condoned is an impressive talent and I always anxiously await the next installment in the series so that I can be amazed yet again by the machinations of the various factions. This was an excellent addition to the series although one should be warned that there are just as many questions, if not more, that still need to be answered. I look forward to unravelling more of the mysteries.

“On Midnight Wings” is Book Five of the ‘Maker’s Song’ series by Adrian Phoenix. This thrilling but dark urban fantasy continues to follow Dante Baptiste as events conspire to force him closer to madness and threaten to tip the balance so that he becomes the Unmaker. The betrayal and capture of both Heather and Dante stuns their allies who are handicapped by their inability to track either. The multitude of warring factions, each of which has its own plans for Dante, cause an odd game of tug of war which complicates the disposition of Heather. Sadly, the allies have their own obstacles to overcome before they can help the beleaguered couple who, as usual, may have to rely solely on themselves for rescue but it may be too late for Dante as he spirals downward into despair

Book Blurb for On Midnight Wings

The fifth thrilling urban fantasy in the “engrossingly fun” (Entertainment Weekly) Maker's Song series following the adventures of FBI agent Heather Wallace and the mysterious, seductive vampire Dante.

Dante and Heather fight for their lives against two different foes to find their way back to each other. Dante, lost to his shattered and painful past, his bond with Heather the only thing keeping him sane, searches for Heather and the man who stole her. Powerplays and intrigue intensify as knowledge of what Dante truly is—a True Blood/Fallen Maker—ripples through nightkind and mortal societies. The Cercle de Druide wish to guide Dante to proper godhood with themselves as his advisors; the Shadow Branch covet his world-altering power, power they could command with a single word; while the Coneil du Sang plan to use Dante to strengthen and purify vampire bloodlines. And the Fallen wait for his return to Gehenna to heal their dying land.

Time is quickly running out and the fate of three worlds—mortal, nightkind, and Fallen—pivots around Dante as he struggles to piece together his shattered psyche and gain control of his power before he rips all three worlds asunder.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 4.50