Omnitopia Dawn

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Omnitopia Dawn

Omnitopia #1, Vol. 1

Diane Duane creates a mesmerizing tale of industrial espionage and takes the reader behind the scenes of a major online gaming empire in her book Omnitopia Dawn. The major players bear a strong similarity to certain well-known technogeeks, especially when combined with the descriptions of the business empire that Omnitopia comprises. A delineation of the upheaval accompanying a system-wide upgrade that will exponentially enhance the game experience combined with an imaginative description of the technological possibilities gives a richly textured tale as leader Dev Logan deftly juggles all of the facets of his life, some more readily anticipated than others. The story deftly weaves the threads following the actions of the individuals that comprise the world-wide organization while giving a frightening look at the manipulation possible when sufficient numbers of those same individuals join together to work toward a common goal. Tension mounts as the inevitable bugs accompanying any upgrade snowball with the multitudinous attacks initiated to capitalize on the anticipated vulnerability of the growing company until it becomes questionable whether survival is going to be possible, let alone achievable. Fortuitously, defenses can be mounted in the most unlikely of places and eventually the world-wide battle gets distilled into a representative conflict that only the First Player can mediate...but at what cost?

The geek-speak is rather ponderous and it takes time to become accustomed to the in-depth exposition of the inner workings of a technological empire but Duane manages to create yet another well organized virtual universe juxtaposed with real-life characters and motivations. The beautiful imagery that she is so adept at creating is showcased as is depicted by the metaphorical forests of code that Dev uses to represent his macrocosms within the empire that he has created. The similarities to certain well-known personages are a bit heavy-handed but hopefully are meant as flattery and there is certainly the lesson to be learned that you may meet almost anyone in the virtual world so do unto others....

Re-Issued Review: Original Review Date: 2010-08-25 / Now in Paperback

Book Blurb for Omnitopia Dawn

A near-future techno-thriller from New York Times bestselling author Diane Duane.

In an increasingly wired and computer-friendly world, massive multiplayer online games have become the ultimate form of entertainment. And the most popular gaming universe of all is Omnitopia, created by genius programmer Dev Logan. For millions of people around the world, Omnitopia is an obsession, a passionate pastime, almost a way of life. But there's a secret to Omnitopia, one that Dev would give his life to protect-the game isn't just a program or a piece of code. It's become sentient-alive. And it's Dev's job to keep it that way...

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.75