No Rest for the Wiccan

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No Rest for the Wiccan

Bewitching Mysteries, #4

No Rest for the Wiccan by Madeline Alt continues the saga of Maggie O’Neill and her life which is complicated by her attraction to Marcus Quinn, her boss’ partner even as she is ostensibly dating Tom Fielding, the police officer.  Marcus is not only attractive but he is completely familiar with the arcane currents that Maggie and her boss deal with whereas Tom is skeptical and pragmatic.  Maggie’s sister and nieces entangle her in unusual circumstances when they cite odd atmospheres and the very young girls start referring to an entity that the adults cannot see.  The sudden inexplicable death of the husband of one her sister’s friends not only distracts Tom who becomes busy with the investigation but requires Maggie’s unexpected involvement.  The small town of Stony Mill may never quiet down again.

A tidy cozy mystery with a paranormal twist.  Maggie is a bit irritating with her lack of confidence and vacillation between the men in her life, not to mention her inability to deal with the pressures exerted by her younger sister and her straightlaced mother.  There are plenty of threads left dangling for additional stories.  An entertaining light read.

Book Blurb for No Rest for the Wiccan

Maggie O’Neill reluctantly volunteers to care for her bedridden, oh-so-perfect sister, Mel, but strange spirits threaten to divert her attention. Then a friend of Mel’s loses her husband to a dreadful fall, and the police call it an accidental death. Maggie’s not so sure, and sets her second sights on finding a first-degree murderer.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.00