Night's Captive

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Night's Captive

Dark Enforcers, #1

“Night’s Captive” by Cheyenne McCray is a ‘Dark Enforcers’ novella that introduces Loni Stanfield who wanders into a mysterious used bookstore in Arizona and meets a woman named Selena who sells her a substantial book with a mesmerizing cover. Loni reads an intriguing story about a group called Dark Enforcers but is disappointed by the ending enough to look for a sequel. Her search causes her to get involved in a fantastical journey that somehow transports her into a world that is populated by real-life versions of the characters in the book, including the charismatic male named Alec Page. Each member of his group has a special ability that aids them in their quest to protect the humans around them in the Phoenix area that they patrol. An evil sorcerer, William Dawson, is somehow conferring paranormal powers upon humans using a product that is effective but addictive. Alec is a mimic who can borrow the powers of anyone he touches and uses this ability to aid him in his battles against those like Dawson and he struggles to protect Loni while they try to determine her suitability to exist in his world even as they fight against their mutual attraction. Alec has been painfully betrayed in the past and is reluctant to allow himself to care for the attractive human but they have to learn how to work together if they are going to survive the evil machinations threatening to destroy them all.

An entertaining light read that blends reality and magical powers. The story is a bit predictable and the characters are a little superficial but there is definitely potential for an intriguing series. Nice chemistry between the the main characters and an interesting blend of science and paranormal elements. Hopefully there will be additional stories that allow the rest of the Dark Enforcers to have their own time in the spotlight.

Book Blurb for Night's Captive

All Loni Stanfield was looking for was a good book to read. What she got was enough terror and danger to last a lifetime.

Alec Page is a Dark Enforcer, one of the elite paranorms who patrol by night. Alec is a mimic with the rare ability to take on the powers of the last being he touches. He must use his ability to defeat the evil haunting the streets of Phoenix.

Paranorms are turning up dead with no clues as to who or what is the cause. Drugs are also being distributed that give humans paranorm abilities, wreaking havoc in both paranorm and human realities. Dawson, a powerful sorcerer, may be behind everything, and Alec is out to stop the devastation before it goes too far.

Loni finds herself in a paranorm reality that she read about in a novel and then she meets Alec, the hero of that very book. Soon she finds herself falling for him at the same time she’s discovering magical powers of her own.

Alec is drawn to Loni, no matter that she’s human…and taboo.

When Loni is kidnapped and in the sorcerer’s clutches, Alec must save her as well as save a city on the verge of destruction.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 3.50