Necessity's Child

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Necessity's Child

Liaden Universe, #16

For me, a great science fiction tale draws the reader into a world that is completely believable populated by characters that I want to know more and more about and filled with fascinating inventions that our society doesn’t quite have but is within our grasp if we stretch our imaginations a little bit more. These authors excel at this again and again with this series which interconnects the novels yet presents mesmerizing stories that can stand alone. Watching the youngsters reason out their roles in society makes one impressed by their grasp of intricate political maneuvering even as one is saddened by the difficulties and somberness necessitated by the events around them that try to force them into one role or another. There is a nice combination of otherworldliness (I love the Tree gifting Syl Vor with a pod), melding of cultures (Mike Golden bestowing the nickname of Silver and having it accepted) and surprises (the creation that restores some mobility to a seriously damaged being) even as the world of Surebleak is gradually revealed as an oyster. I look forward to more exciting adventures in the Liaden universe and strive to mold my own behavior to achieve a small amount of melant’i.

“Necessity’s Child” by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller is a great addition to the ‘Liaden Universe’ series but focuses on the planet Surebleak which Clan Korval has relocated to after the upheaval following the attempt on its delmae. Integrating with the pre-existing arrangements on the planet requires meshing Liaden methods with the arrangement of ‘Bosses’ who have constant turf wars and power struggles. Another society comes into play when those of the kompani which normally lurks in the shadows become involved with a seriously injured man. It may be up to the youngsters Syl Vor yos'Galan from the Clan Korval and Kezzi from the kompani to be the groundbreakers in uniting the disparate cultures and helping shape the future of Surebleak. Fortunately, they have remarkable resources to aid them in accomplishing this lofty goal, if they can stay alive long enough to utilize them.

Book Blurb for Necessity's Child

#16 in the popular and exciting science fiction Liaden Universe®.  A man without a past caught between powerful Clan Korval and secretive kompani.

Stirring SF adventure from master storytellers Sharon Lee and Steve Miller—#16 in the award-winning Liaden Universe® saga. Space ships, action, adventure—all tied together with a strong dollop of romance and clan intrigue – make this a compelling series for a wide range of readers, from romance to military SF lovers.

The kompani sees none as an enemy, and yet few as friend. The kompani exists in many places, living quietly in the shadows, thriving off the bounty that others have no wit to secure, nor skill to defend. Their private history is unwritten; their recall rooted in dance and dream.

The humans of Clan Korval is in many ways the opposite of the kompani.  The interstellar trading clan is wealthy in enemies, fortunate in friends. Korval protects itself with vigor, and teaches even its youngest children the art of war.

And when representatives of Clan Korval arrive on the planet Surebleak where the kompani has lived secret and aloof, it seems to the kompani that they are borne by the very winds of change.

Change can be a boon for in change lies opportunity. But the arrival of Clan Korval, establishing itself upon Surebleak with its friends, its enemies, and, most of all, its plans may bring catastrophe, changing the culture and the kompani, forever.

In this time of change, the lives of three people intersect -- Kezzi, apprentice to the kompani's grandmother; Syl Vor, Clan Korval's youngest warrior; and Rys, a man without a world, or a past.

Necessity's Child is a standalone adventure in the popular and exciting Liaden Universe®

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 5.00