Nauti Temptress

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Nauti Temptress

Nauti Girls

This new addition to the erotic romance series featuring the Mackay family starts a new chapter in the Nauti series. It is entertaining to see the sexy alpha males settling down with their wives and altering their behavior to deal with the responsibility of children. The sizzling attraction between Eve and Brogan showcases the author’s well-known ability to pen a carnal tale but the mysterious assignment that has taken more than two years to come to fruition and the reasoning behind the need for Eve to be involved gets murkier and murkier. There is a bewildering tangle that eventually results in Brogan’s sister making a dramatic entrance, multiple shifts in allegiances, and an odd explanation for the trip that Brogan suddenly takes while the sudden resolution of the tale left me unenlightened. I like the characters but the story was a bit too disorganized for me so I hope that the rest of the series is a little more illuminating.

“Nauti Temptress” by Lora Leigh is an erotic novel that unexpectedly expands the Mackay family by adding four half-sisters to the lives of Dawg and his cousins, Natches and Rowdy. Their mother, Mercedes, was victimized as a young girl by Chandler Mackay but matured to raise four very self-reliant daughters. The integration of five previously unknown family members is facilitated by the women who have softened the Nauti men but their protective instincts are still very active. Eve Mackay is the eldest of the daughters and her incandescent attraction to the dangerous Brogan Campbell rouses all of Dawg’s hackles. Will Eve have to choose between her family and the man that many consider a traitor?

Book Blurb for Nauti Temptress

They were resourceful, beautiful, and intuitive—three female FBI recruits enlisted to expose a treacherous anti-government conspiracy in a sting gone bad. They may have escaped the perils of the mission, but darkness still follows them…

Abigail Foxe was the communications expert. The nightmare of her captivity still fills her with fear and shame. But now in tranquil Somerset, on the calm waters of Cumberland Lake, she has hope for the future. It begins with the exquisite touch of a stranger on the beach….

He’s Brogan Connors, ex-Marine haunted by his own dreams of war, looking for solitude in his family’s old farm, and in the heart of a fragile woman. His rough exterior hides a tender soul, a man of gentle strokes that draw him deeper into Abigail’s most ravenous fantasies, and deeper still into a web of a danger he never saw coming.

For the past is about to invade Abigail’s tenuous peace, threatening her life and that of the man she loves—as desire and danger are locked in an inescapable embrace.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2012 3.50