Naughty and Nice

Naughty and Nice is a collection of four seasonal novellas that live up to the title.

Holiday Sparks by Shannon Stacey:  Chloe Burke has just returned to her small hometown in Maine from Boston for Christmas while her parents are on a holiday cruise.  She needs to hire electrician Scott Quinn to take care of the old wiring in her folks’ old house but he remembers her from their high school days together and would love to have a deeper relationship.  Can they overcome their differences and get past the small town versus sophisticated city divide?

All She Want for Christmas by Jaci Burton:  Riley has left the scene of her heartbreak 10 years ago and become a famous singer.  She comes back near the Christmas holidays and finds that her former love Ethan has continued his life without her but his life has had changes just as her has.  They have to decide whether the spark they still feel can overcome all of the past baggage between them.

Unwrapped by Megan Hart:  A newlywed couple decides to skip the traditional family Christmas and celebrate by themselves on a ski trip.  Unfortunately, although they enjoy the freedom to explore the boundaries of their sexual relationship without being cramped by the family, they discover that the hot intimate encounters and new memories being made may not quite be as completely satisfying as they would like.

Believe by Lauren Dane:  A couple celebrates their BDSM relationship as they continue to explore their love of accessories and bondage equipment.  The shadow of her deceased husband forms a nebulous threat to their contentment although they are very much on the same page sexually.  This Christmas will be a turning point but they will have to communicate their deepest desires to each other.

An enjoyable collection of seasonal stories that ratchet up the heat with each subsequent tale to counter the chilly season that provides the setting.  Each author elicits the festive season with its attendant surprises and family expectations but provides a sensual twist that adds plenty of spice to the atmosphere.  A pervading theme is the importance of communication in order to allow a relationship to flower and deepen no matter how comfortable or compatible partners are with each other.

Book Blurb for Naughty and Nice

A famous singer reunites with an old flame. A couple explores their desire to be truly bound together. Newlyweds heat things up when they're trapped indoors. And sparks fly when the lights go out. Whether you are naughty or nice, you can still get what you really want for Christmas in this collection of four seasonal shorts.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.50