My Secret Diary

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My Secret Diary

Nancy Clancy

“Nancy Clancy: My Secret Diary” is written by Jane O’Connor and is based on the Nancy Clancy series, and has a beautifully illustrated cover by Robin Preiss Glasser. This is a great volume for stimulating the imagination and encouraging a youngster to record her thoughts and explore what is important and fun in her life. The cute illustrations and vibrant stickers are eye-catching and I would think that this would become a favorite keepsake to remind one of the dreams, hopes and important aspects of a particular time in one’s life. I think that the only drawback is that there are a limited number of pages that can be used to record everyday occurrences, so it is possible that there wouldn’t be enough room to record a year in one’s life. The book is designed for ages 6 to 10 but I think that even older kids would appreciate a special volume to write and draw in and will definitely keep this book in mind when looking for a gift for any young girl.

Book Blurb for My Secret Diary

Fans of Nancy Clancy will delight in this fun and fancy secret diary from New York Times bestselling team Jane O'Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser. Record your secret thoughts and wishes in this diary, filled with full-color illustrated spreads and writing prompts from everyone's favorite fancy girl, Nancy Clancy. With a full-color interior, each spread has plenty of space for writing, drawing, activities, and more. There are also four sheets of stickers, making this a perfect fancy gift!

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 4.50