My French Sticker Dictionary

Everyday Words and Popular Themes in Colorful Sticker Scenes

“My French Sticker Dictionary” by Catherine Bruzzone and Louise Millar is a visual dictionary to teach approximately seventy words in French using a combination of stickers and illustrations. There is a glossary at the very end of the book to aid in translating between the two languages and similar items are placed together on a set of pages. It seems to me that it would be better to have a word list on the page where the stickers are destined to be placed in order to aid one in determining the correct sticker but the arrangement of this book may be just to encourage a visual versus literal style of learning. The student is undoubtedly encouraged to look for the appropriate object and learn the word in that fashion but the stickers are not necessarily grouped on the source sheet the same way they are on the destination page so I could imagine this being moderately frustrating to some people. I really like the way the words are phonetically listed to aid in pronunciation and I think this is a nice beginning introduction to some words but I wonder how long it would hold a child’s attention once the stickers have been placed. I am unsure what grade level this book is directed toward but I think a couple of illustrated pages that have basic sentences using the words being highlighted would be beneficial.

Book Blurb for My French Sticker Dictionary

Younger boys and girls will have fun attaching colorful stickers to the themed illustrations in this book while they also begin learning words in French. Starting at one of the sticker pages, they lift the sticker illustration that is labeled with its French word and attach it to the space on the themed illustration that shows the word in English. After they've attached all sticker illustrations in the correct places, they will have an attractive bilingual sticker dictionary. The books' large themed illustrations on two-page spreads are surrounded by spaces where the stickers are to be attached. The picture themes are--

* At the Zoo * In the Street * In the Forest * In the Classroom * At the Supermarket * In the Vegetable Garden * At the Fruit Stand

A simple pronunciation guide is supplied for each French word, and kids will find an alphabetical bilingual word list at the back of the book. Also available from Barron's is a companion volume,: My Spanish Sticker Dictionary, which uses the same format to teach children Spanish vocabulary.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 3.50