Midnight Falls

Children of the Goddess, Book 4

“Midnight Falls” by R.G. Alexander is Book 4 in her ‘Children of the Goddess’ series. Another sensual novella that continues the tale of the unusual alliance between the Weres, Vampires, Unborn and Igigi. Liz has continued her life even though Malcolm is no longer around physically to help her in her care for the Unborns that she has sheltered. Her inexplicably carnal response to a mysterious being whom she dubs as ‘Midnight’ makes her realize that she did not die along with Malcolm (although she somehow still hears his voice in her head) and she gradually learns to distinguish between loving and being in love with someone. The concerted effort to destroy the fragile alliance being brokered by Zander and his connections reveals that the Shadow Wolves have a insidious plan that is being directed by a surprising leader. Betrayals and shocking discoveries make it more important than ever to utilize all of the resources available, unfortunately ensnaring the offspring of Zander and Regina as well as those of Lux, Sylvain and Arygon in the dangerous battle. The ill-fated lovers Jasyn and Hannah must face their personal demons and acknowledge their true heart’s desires as the allies race to save Nicolette from her fate. The destiny of all of their races may rest on the results of a single epic battle.

Another searingly sensual tale in the series that features wonderful cameos by the intriguing beings who have been introduced in the first three novellas in this mesmerizing series. The deft weaving of multiple threads that have persisted throughout the love stories already presented make some of the long-awaited revelations startling yet believable. The scorching scenes between the various lovers is an added benefit to a enjoyably creative series and there are enough dangling threads to make one hopeful that there will be many more stories to follow.

Book Blurb for Midnight Falls

His life was stolen to keep their secrets…

It has taken years for Liz to lay the past to rest. Now she has been called to find the missing Jasyn Dydarren, the only man who can save her friend Nicolette from the Shadow’s mark. Tracking him means chasing down a secret the Shadow Wolves want buried forever—and another man they want dead. A man with an eerily familiar face, whom she craves with an intensity she can’t explain.

Hannah, an Unborn, never considered herself anything special, but she and Jasyn have something that is. Now her Were has been snatched away. She’s not a fighter, but she’s willing to do whatever it takes to find her heart’s desire and force him to see her as an equal at last. Or die trying.

With alliances on the line and lives in danger, these two very different women must save their men, and come together to discover the truth…and destroy the Shadow once and for all.

Warning: This book contains explicit sex. Sex on the stairs, sex in a tree, sex with two, (and sex with three). Vampires mating. Werewolves mating. And a lot of gratuitous ass kicking.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.50