Melting Shadows

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Melting Shadows

The challenge of delivering a good romantic suspense story is making the danger believable and exciting while creating an atmosphere that fosters the development of an intensifying romance. I think the author did a very nice job of creating both horrific scenarios and a gradually developing romance or two, while adding in a mystical element that gives a different dimension to the story. I liked some of the secondary characters (especially Brutus) but I think that things got a little too muddled with so many people to keep track of and the story definitely gets more fantastical and requires a significant suspension of disbelief. I have been remiss and have not read “Finding Grace” yet, which connects to this story, but for the most part “Melting Shadows” works as a stand-alone tale. There is a delicious blend of heat and tension to the story, but one should be warned that there are some definitely gory elements which adds to the fairy tale quality. I think this story will appeal to those who like imaginative and fantastical romantic suspense stories and I look forward to reading more tales set in this world.

“Melting Shadows” by Rhea Rhodan is a romantic suspense story with paranormal elements that features Dr. Prudence Marsh, who is working on a very sensitive program known as Project Silver Lining. She is assigned to the protection of ex-SEAL Max Delaney, forensic analyst, as a last resort for sanctuary when danger destroys everything she holds dear. An uncanny ability to analyze multiple facets at once and an inordinate fondness for an imaginary place called OtherWhere are just two of the components that confuse Max, who can’t find a way to reach the stiff and prickly woman, and his normally standoffish canine companion may be the only one who can see her clearly.

Book Blurb for Melting Shadows

When fantasy and reality collide, only love can be believed.

Shattered by a brutal attack and forced to flee, painfully withdrawn Dr. Prudence Marsh buries her emotions under numbing logic. For years, her escapes to a fantasy world created to survive her hellish past have been nothing more than a guilty pleasure. But when the host of the safe house turns out to be a dead ringer for her dream warrior, she fears she’s lost her precious mind along with everything else.

Ex-SEAL Max Delaney has been known to dabble in a hot, delicious mess—or two, or three. He has no idea how to handle a cold, sour one. Blackmailed into babysitting Dr. Marsh in his hidden bunker while she finishes a top-secret project sucks. Until he falls for her. Then it blows. Every clue Max unravels buys him more questions. Every step forward lands him two steps back, flat on his ass.

Demons past, present, and future haunt Max and Prudence as they stumble along the twisting path to love. Merciless enemies and shifting alliances drive both to desperate measures, tumbling them over the border between shadow and substance—where each must choose what, and whom, to believe.

Romantic Suspense with a Fantasy Twist!

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 4.25