Max & Charlie

"Max & Charlie" is a children’s book written by Zack Lieberman and illustrated by Louis Neubert. It follows the adventures of a young boy named Charlie, whose dog Max leads him into several amazing situations. Getting profound advice from those he encounters (and a few bruises), Charlie and his buddy Max (aka Sgt. Slobberface) have quite a day!

The vivid illustrations make this a bright and engaging book that I suspect will do a great job of fascinating young children who won’t be distracted by the words. I think the text itself gets a little convoluted for youngsters, and I feel the mixed message conveyed might be confusing but certainly could open the door for discussion. There are whimsical elements, a fair amount of subtext and social commentary, and a fascinating alternative look at New York. This is a vivid visual feast that is not a typical ‘boy and his dog’ story and even the cover gives an inkling that there is more depth to the book than one would realize at first glance.

Book Blurb for Max & Charlie

MAX & CHARLIE is a graphic novel adventure through the chaos of New York City. We follow our reluctant young hero (Charlie!) as he chases his silly beagle pup (Max!) through a beautiful dreamed day in the city. But there's something a little strange about this place and we hope you read the book to discover what's what!

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2017 3.75