120 illustrations

“Mandalas: A gorgeous coloring book with more than 120 illustrations to complete” is a Barron’s book with perforated pages bearing a multiplicity of drawings to color. I liked that there were some pages that had two smaller drawings to work with rather than one enormous one that filled the entire sheet. Although some of the designs are beautifully complex, I felt that there were some with borders that were overly dark which cuts into the area to color and I didn’t like that some of the very intricate drawings were on opposite sides of the same page and working on one side in marker ruins the other one. This is a fun and entertaining book but not the best collection of mandalas that I have had to color.

Book Blurb for Mandalas

Who says coloring is just for kids? No longer relegated to kindergarten classrooms, coloring has grown up and taken its place alongside painting or drawing as a legitimate form of artistic expression and a meditative way to relax. Just Add Color is a brilliant series of adult coloring books that will send even the most mature among us running for the nearest box of colored pencils. Since Mandalas are a cosmic representation of infinity and our own inner being, this book offers the perfect subject to spur hours of peaceful creativity. Features more than 120 gorgeous illustrations ready to be brought to life.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 4.00