Made for You

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Made for You

The Best Mistake, #2

This contemporary romance is a blend of heat and angst, as two stubborn people try to find a way to communicate but have trouble getting past their established routine. The story alternates between unveiling their history together and exploring the heat that both feel but only one wants to embrace and somehow, I found myself wanting to smack someone. The contrast between Brynn and her bubbly sister is marked and the relationship that each has with Will is also quite different, which seems to be a little odd, given the closeness between the sisters. I was a little disappointed by Brynn’s continued issues and her self-centeredness, as well as the juvenile behavior and hurtful comments that seemed to flow fast and furious, but I guess it adds to the realism and I have to admit that I was relieved to have several ‘aw’ moments as things progress. It was nice to get a cameo by the stars of the first book in the series and I have hopes that Gray’s laconic sister will get her own time in the spotlight although I suspect that even more angst will be forthcoming, should that be the case. An entertaining light read.

“Made for You” by Lauren Lane is part of ‘The Best Mistake’ series and takes place after the events described in “Only With You”. Will Thatcher has returned to town after his abrupt departure three years prior, and is resuming his relationship with the Dalton family, with one big difference. For some reason, he seems to be stalking Brynn, who is not sure how to deal with the shift in their typically antagonistic relationship...well, antagonistic except for that fateful night that threatened to put them both into a tailspin. Brynn has to decide whether to move out of her comfort zone and explore situations that are not carefully mapped out, but she isn’t sure that she is ready to take such a radical leap, no matter how attractive the incentive.

Book Blurb for Made for You

Some mistakes are worth making...

Lauren Layne's Best Mistake series continues with MADE FOR YOU.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2014 4.00