Lux in Shadow

Children of the Goddess Book 2

“Lux In Shadow” by R.G. Alexander is the second in her sensual ‘Children of the Goddess’ series. Lux Sariel is still recovering from the horrendous loss of his lover and unwilling to accept the advances of the formerly reviled Arygon Dydarren who was Alpha of a werewolf pack. Both males are interested in Sylvain, sister of the vanquished Shadow Wolf alpha (Grey). Sylvain has an uncanny role to play in the future of both the vampires and weres but Lux and Arygon are more concerned about claiming their mate. Sylvain’s role as Antara places her in danger from all of the other Weres who are determined to end her life but she may be the catalyst to alter interactions between humans, weres and vampires forever. Lux must learn to allow himself to love again, Arygon must find those who accept him for who he is and Sylvain must find the strength to fulfill her destiny.

Another steamy addition to a wonderfully erotic series featuring a complex intermingling of vampire and werewolf societies interacting with humans. Pack taboos and the requisite power struggles are intermixed with folklore and the age-old conflict between seemingly powerless females and headstrong males who subscribe to the ‘might makes right’ theory. Intriguing secondary characters provide connections to other tales as the ongoing struggle between good and evil continues to play out. An entertaining read.

Book Blurb for Lux in Shadow

Two mates. One sacrifice. It’s a challenge that could save them all…or destroy everything.

Because of his own carelessness, Lux Sariel lost his lover at the hands of the shaman Gray Wolf, and put his Trueblood family in grave danger. Now he’s been sent on a mission to find and protect his mortal enemy’s sister. His companion is Arygon, a sexy Alpha who won’t take no for an answer.

When the two men find Sylvain, a sheltered and innocent beauty with power beyond imagining, passions ignite—and suddenly none of them are certain of the future.

No one but the Goddess.

She has a plan that will change everything for Her children, Were and Vampire alike. A challenge that will fulfill the promise of what this unusual threesome have found together…or destroy them all.

Warning: This title contains Vampire and Were nookie, Were and Vampire nookie, Were/Vamp/Were nookie, hot nekkid man nookie….oh, hell—lots of nookie.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.50