Lust Becomes You

The Edge Series

“Lust Becomes You: The Edge” is a sizzling short story by Desiree Holt that is part of a group of stories associated with the Valentino’s Gourmet Food and Wine Shoppe on Valentine’s Day. Kylie Monroe used to share stimulating BDSM sessions with Sam Cooper but that was years ago before they both got caught up in their careers. A serendipitous discovery that Sam is still a fan of chocolate wine leads to a very special Valentine’s Day delivery that rekindles the heat that they shared in the past and they quickly resume the roles that were so familiar and stimulating.

A quickie erotic read that conjures up the romance and passion best captured by Valentine’s Day celebrations. The recurring theme of chocolate wine and a special store unifies a group of titillating tales written by several authors. This contribution to the series is a great example of Ms Holt’s facility for creating a great read with engaging and passionate characters.

Book Blurb for Lust Becomes You

Kylie Monroe fell in love and in lust with Sam Cooper, reaching new highs of ecstasy as they explored the world of BDSM. She foresaw a rich life together filled with love and erotic sex. When Sam dumped her to pursue success in the legal field, telling her there was “always tomorrow,” she never quite recovered from the hurt.

Ten years later, Kylie’s still gun-shy in the love department and frustrated in the sex department. Nobody could replace Sam. Then on a snowy Valentine’s Day she has an unexpected opportunity to reconnect with him. But can Sam persuade her their love is real this time? Can he woo her back with the kind of sex she’d been missing?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.00