Love on the Web

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Love on the Web

This story tells of one man’s journey of self-discovery and the evolution of his sense of self-worth. The conflict between expectations at work, the struggle to keep personal affairs from bleeding over into work obligations, and the challenge of juggling a new job all keep Larry preoccupied, with the additional complication of his attraction to a couple of his clients. An exploration into kinky sex is a little disconcerting to him, and I was a bit disturbed that he allowed himself to be so manipulated and pushed so far outside of his comfort zone. There are a couple of awkward transitions to Larry’s family drama and the complex relationship that Larry has with his lovers is also full of drama that gets a little uncomfortable for me as it plays out. It would be nice to have a little more depth to the characters but there are definitely intense erotic scenes and some of the secondary characters deserve to have their stories told as well, so hopefully the author will continue to expand on the framework established with this tale.

“Love on the Web” by Neil Placky is a contemporary m/m erotic romance that features a shy computer programmer named Larry Leavis who navigates through the minefield of his office dynamics and combining business and pleasure and discovers he has a lot to learn about juggling both. Dealing with two different men, Victor and Julian, and learning to handle their requirements, both in and out of the bedroom, forces Larry to determine what he wants in his professional and personal life, now he just has to find the courage to reach for it.

Book Blurb for Love on the Web

Larry Leavis is too smart and geeky for his family, too gangly and awkward among other gay guys. He’s never felt like he fits anywhere until he meets handsome entrepreneur Julian Argento and agrees to help him build a website for his fledgling web translation company.

Julian isn’t the only guy with his eye on Larry, though. Sexy client Victor Kunin has plans for Larry that go way beyond developing an app for his modeling agency. All this attention has Larry confused. Is Julian using him for his awesome coding skills, or is there something more between them--something that could be destroyed if Julian finds out about some very kinky trysts at Victor’s place?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 3.50