Lord's Fall

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Lord's Fall

Elder Races, #5

This was another inventive and fantastical blend of reality and fiction. I am bemused by the idea of a dragon texting on a cell phone even as he casually uses his powers to shift or move unseen amongst his fellow beings. The depth of emotion conveyed between wondrous creatures and the excellently crafted world bring realism to a tale that adeptly mixes exhilarating fights with tender romantic interludes and sprinkles unexpected flashes of humor to keep the tale from becoming too maudlin. The resolution of some of the painful separations between beloved characters will undoubtedly assuage the ire of some fans just as new developments will tantalize readers. A delightful ending that will remind Dragos that some things are just out of his control and send the entranced reader off to anxiously await the next wonderful story in this delightful series.

“Lord’s Fall” is part of the wonderful Elder Races series by Thea Harrison and continues the saga of the head of the Wyr demesne, Dragos Cuelebre, and his mate Pia. Pia is traveling away from her mate accompanied by a cadre of bodyguards that she refers to as the ‘psychos’, most of whom shapeshift into canids. Not only is Pia going into territory belonging to mortal enemies of the Wyr, the Elves, but she is pregnant with Dragos’ heir. The mission objective is to repair the damage to the treaties that were broken during the events that took place during the rocky beginnings of Pia and Dragos’ relationship (see “Dragon Bound”). Unfortunately, the Elves have their own serious issues to deal with even as Dragos is distracted by the ‘Games’ that are being held to determine the new Sentinels that form his most trusted warriors. Pia is caught in the turmoil as the Elves fight another great battle that threatens to topple the structure of the entire world and destroy the hard-won balance between all of the races. The one sure thing she knows is that she can depend on her mate and their child to do their best to keep her safe but she does not come unarmed to the struggle either. Enemies may have to re-evaluate their stances if anyone is going to survive but unfortunately, sacrifices will have to be made.

Book Blurb for Lord's Fall

In LORD’S FALL, the fifth and newest novel in the series, Harrison returns to Pia and Dragos to explore their developing relationship. It’s an action-packed adventure for the powerful duo as they have to navigate Pia’s pregnancy, the Sentinel Games in New York City, and Pia’s attempt to restore the Wyr relationship with the Elves.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 5.00