Locke and Load

Dangerous Curves, #2

This exciting and action-filled tale involves a very special covert op organization known as the Knight Agency, primarily staffed by women who are former military. I love capable women and this element really appealed to me, so seeing Nikki in efficient and decisive action was a great element to the story, although I was troubled and a bit disturbed by her history. Some of the action becomes a bit over the top for me, and I had to groan at the carelessness that sets the stage for the exciting climax but I still really enjoyed the story and would love to read more about the other members of the Agency. Despite the fact that this is part of a series, I had no trouble reading this story as a stand-alone.

“Locke and Load” by Donna Michaels is a romantic suspense story that is the second title in the ‘Dangerous Curves’ series and features Nicole (Nikki) Locke, a former Naval Intelligence Officer, as she discovers that all of the sacrifices she has undergone to protect her ex-fiance, Detective Cage Burnett, are about to be wasted. Cage is forced to work with the woman who broke her promises and his heart, but discovering her motives may destroy any chance they have at a future together, no matter how much heat remains between them.

Book Blurb for Locke and Load

Former Naval Intelligence Officer Lt. Nicole Locke’s assignment to assist in a murder investigation, puts her face-to-face with the only man she ever loved—the man she was forced to jilt in order to save his life. Det. Cage Burnett vows to do whatever it takes to bring down his partner’s killer, even work with the woman who crushed his heart four years earlier when she left him for another man. The dangerous investigation rekindles their desire, but when someone from Nikki’s past reappears and threatens Cage’s future, once again, Locke is loaded with determination to keep the man she loves alive. Dangerous Curves Series Book 1/Lisa- KNIGHT’S SEAL (Hot SEALs Kindle Worlds Crossover) Book 2/Nikki- LOCKE AND LOAD Book 3/Tarah- COWBOY LAWE (tba)

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 4.25