Live to Tell

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Live to Tell

Detective D. D. Warren Series #4

Live to Tell  is an intense psychological thriller that Lisa Gardner expertly crafts using a heinous mass murder as her starting point.  Danielle, the sole survivor of that tragic event, is a nine year old girl who is scarred by the inexplicable murder/suicide that decimated her entire family.  Twenty-five years later, she has become a pediatric psych nurse and works with severely troubled kids.  Sergeant Detective  D.D. Warren has been a detective for 12 years and is finally trying to enjoy a night off when she becomes involved in a pair of horrendous cases that will cause the next five days to become as much of a nightmare as the memories that Danielle is struggling with.  Victoria once had the stereotypical American dream with a beautiful house, happy marriage and two children until her young son Evan tears it all apart with his horrific rages that endanger everyone around him. Victoria is not willing to institutionalize him despite his episodes of abuse and lives in constant fear of his acting upon his threats to murder her.  The lives of these three women become inextricably intertwined as the homicide investigations proceed and it is up to Detective Warren to solve the murders in time to prevent even more evil from being unleashed upon Boston.

This was such a creepy and intense book that I could only read it in installments, taking breaks to read something a little lighter in between.  It was a bit disconcerting to shift between the three different characters’ lives as the week passes but the gradual revelations and escalation of violence will keep the reader morbidly fascinated by the multiple tragic stories unfolding.  A well-written enlightening look at some of the personality disorders experienced by troubled children and their impact upon caregivers delivered in a powerful and spine-tingling tale.

Book Blurb for Live to Tell

He knows everything about you—including the first place you’ll hide.
On a warm summer night in one of Boston’s working-class neighborhoods, an unthinkable crime has been committed: Four members of a family have been brutally murdered. The father—and possible suspect—now lies clinging to life in the ICU. Murder-suicide? Or something worse? Veteran police detective D. D. Warren is certain of only one thing: There’s more to this case than meets the eye.
Danielle Burton is a survivor, a dedicated nurse whose passion is to help children at a locked-down pediatric psych ward. But she remains haunted by a family tragedy that shattered her life nearly twenty-five years ago. The dark anniversary is approaching, and when D. D. Warren and her partner show up at the facility, Danielle immediately realizes: It has started again.
A devoted mother, Victoria Oliver has a hard time remembering what normalcy is like. But she will do anything to ensure that her troubled son has some semblance of a childhood. She will love him no matter what. Nurture him. Keep him safe. Protect him. Even when the threat comes from within her own house. 
In New York Times bestselling author Lisa Gardner’s most compelling work of suspense to date, the lives of these three women unfold and connect in unexpected ways, as sins from the past emerge—and stunning secrets reveal just how tightly blood ties can bind. Sometimes the most devastating crimes are the ones closest to home.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.50