Lenobia's Vow: A House of Night Novella

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Lenobia's Vow: A House of Night Novella

House of Night Novellas

“Lenobia’s Vow” by P.C. and Kristin Cast is the very poignant tale of Lenobia Whitehall, the mixed race illegitimate daughter of the Baron of Bouillon. An opportunity arises that allows her to escape her subservient and powerless position and reluctantly substitute for her legitimate half-sister on a trip across the ocean to New Orleans to marry a nobleman. Unfortunately, the corrupt Bishop of Evreux, Charles de Beaumont, is a fellow passenger and has lusted for the beautiful young girl whose true identity he can reveal. Lenobia finds refuge with a pair of Percheron horses in the ship’s hold and discovers that their caretaker, a green-eyed mulatto named Martin, also gives her the same sense of joy and security that his charges provide for her. The trip to the New World is the beginning of a new life for Lenobia but it will be nothing like she ever imagined.

A fascinating novella that gives insight into the horse mistress Lenobia who is such an important part of the House of Night. The intriguing young adult series that features Zoey Redbird as she deals with the intricacies of being part of the vampyre world has many charismatic characters but Lenobia is one of Zoey’s best-loved mentors and has long been a source of mystery to readers who wonder about her background. Beautiful illustrations and the trademark lyrical voices of this talented mother-daughter author team provide another enjoyable and emotional addition to the popular series.

Book Blurb for Lenobia's Vow: A House of Night Novella

A great journey…

A new love….

A dark secret revealed.

Evreux, France, 1788: Before she is Zoey’s favorite professor and the House of Night’s powerful horse mistress… Lenobia is just a normal 16-year-old girl – with enough problems to last a lifetime. As the illegitimate daughter of a powerful baron, she has never quite belonged, and instead has to watch her spoiled half-sister, Cecile, get anything she wants. As if that’s not enough, her remarkable beauty draws unwanted attention wherever she goes. For once, she would like to just fit in.

But when fate intervenes, Lenobia suddenly finds herself surrounded by other girls, on a ship bound for New Orleans, where they will be married off to the city’s richest Frenchmen. And they’re not alone…. An evil bishop who is skilled in Dark magic makes the same journey. His appetite for lovely young women makes him dangerous – most of all to Lenobia, who caught his eye back in France. So she remains hidden, making secret visits to the ship’s stables, where a handsome young man and his beautiful Percheron horses soon capture her attention.

Will they make it to land before the bishop discovers her true identity and a powerful evil breaks loose? And will Lenobia follow her heart, even if it puts lives at risk? Find out more about one of your favorite professors in the next heart-thumping House of Night Novella.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.50