Legally Hot

"Legally Hot" is an anthology of tales by three sizzling erotica writers who pen tales of the passionate men who wear or have worn a uniform in service and the women who are in need of their special skills, both in and out of the bedroom. `Sheila's Passion' by Lora Leigh centers around Sheila Rutledge, daughter of the man who runs the Covert Information Network. The strongly sensual Jerad (Nick) Casey is relatively content to keep his relationship with Sheila as a mutually satisfying hot and sexy exchange but she develops other ideas about what she wants from him. The dangerous information that Sheila acts as a courier for may serve as the catalyst for Nick to realize his true feelings once he discovers that she is endangered, perhaps by those looking for the Federico heir. The question is whether his epiphany comes too late for the two of them.

Cheyenne McCray's `Deadly Dance' links Detective Adam Boyd with Keri Holliday as they deal with the news that the criminal who changed their respective lives forever has been released from prison on a technicality. Keri's life is undoubtedly in danger from the man who ruined her dancing career and swore vengeance for her part in his conviction. Adam is drawn to the plucky woman who refuses to continue being a victim but he must keep her alive long enough for the two of them to decide what they mean to each other.

`Caught' by Red Garnier features Cody Nordstrom who has sought to atone for the horrible crimes his identical twin Ivan committed by his dedication to the police force. Megan Banks has tried to recapture the connection that she and Cody had six years ago but he has shunned all her attempts to reach him. A deadly game of tug of war picks up where it left off and only one twin will be left standing at the end...but which one?

A collection of hot tales guaranteed to raise one's temperature as three strong sexy males do everything in their power to protect and cherish the women who refuse to be shut out from their dangerous lives. The inherent danger involved in the relationships is more than balanced by the underlying passion and love displayed by men who will risk their very lives for the women who capture their hearts.

Book Blurb for Legally Hot

Three of today's top writers of romantic suspense want you to meet a few good men who are so HOT, it's criminal.

Lora Leigh

"Sheila's Passion"

As a former Marine, Turk still wakes up in a sweat over the things he's seen in the field.ÿ However, when it comes to his best friend-and the only woman he has ever wanted-Sheila Monterey, he may have met his biggest challenge yet.ÿSheila has sworn off love after having her heart broken one time too many and Turk can't convince her to give it another try.ÿBut when he tempts her into becoming temporary friends with benefits, Turk fully intends to make her his forever.

Cheyenne McCray

"Deadly Dance"

Detective Adam Boyd is still putting his life back together after a break-up when he gets word that the man who killed his old partner has been released from prison. Keri Holliday's career as a professional ballerina was ended abruptly six years ago after she was brutally attacked. Now her attacker, the same man who killed Adam's partner, is back on the streets, and looking for revenge against the woman whose testimony assured he was locked away. Adam will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.and never let her go.

Red Garnier


After his parents were murdered, young Cody was put in foster care.and Megan has thought about him ever since. Now that Cody is back he has three things to tell Megan: He's a police officer, he's found his parents' killer, and he wants to be her man-until death do they part.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.00