Lady Eve's Indiscretion

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Lady Eve's Indiscretion

A touching and hypnotic historical romance that combines a heartwrenching set of events with a beautifully unfolding love story. The Windham siblings and their respective mates are all intriguingly eccentric and it is wonderful to get glimpses of the various couples and their blissful relationships. Watching the emotionally scarred Eve blossom under the careful approach used by Lucas who displays such wonderful sensitivity is a beautiful journey and the unwavering support offered by her family is a delight. There is a rather obvious villain but the overall story is exquisitely rendered and an emotional read. This was a story that I did not want to put down until I finished even though I required multiple tissues before I was done. The secondary characters are also intriguing and I look forward to reading their stories as well since one of the things I am most impressed by with the books in this series is how different all of these stories are, each with memorable characters which aren’t necessarily human. I look forward to reading many more stories by this talented author.

“Lady Eve’s Indiscretion” by Grace Burrowes is an impressive addition to her lovely historical romance novels that feature the Windham family. Eve Windham’s living siblings have almost all found their soulmates and she and her younger sister Jennie are the only ones remaining single. Eve has changed greatly from the expert horsewoman and vivacious young woman that Lucas Denning, the Marquis of Deene, remembers from their youth. He does not expect to learn that she has no plans to marry or engage in intimate relations but when circumstances force them to reconsider their respective expectations of matrimony, each of them must decide whether the rumors which seem to swirl around both of them will outweigh the benefits of relaxing their guard with each other and bestowing upon each other the ultimate gift of trust.

Book Blurb for Lady Eve's Indiscretion

The next in the Regency romance series from bestselling author Grace Burrowes, in which an intrepid duke is conspiring to marry off his daughters.

Pretty, petite Evie Windham has been haunted by a past indiscretion since she was sixteen. Since then she's been dodging adoring suitors, fearing a wedding night would reveal everything. When Evie is confronted with her parent's latest choice, the Marquis of Deene, they strike up a deal to be each other's decoy. But when they are caught in the middle of a kiss that no one was intended to see, their brilliant plan starts to unravel.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 5.00